Delivering product knowledge from wholesalers to resellers

Telcoinabox set up, supply and support telecoms companies.

When your resellers are the middlemen between your company and the end user, how can you ensure product knowledge is effectively delivered to those making sales?

This was the dilemma faced by Telcoinabox, who needed a way of delivering product knowledge training and accreditation, without physically bringing resellers in for sessions.

Their challenge

Telcoinabox is an aggregator and wholesaler of telecom services, anything from a mobile phone all the way up to broadband and wideband services. Their customers aren’t end users but resellers who they provide with wholesale products.

That posed the challenge of passing on product knowledge to those resellers. Previously, that meant bringing them in for training and to gain the accreditation that would allow them to go out and sell the product effectively.

Our solution

HowNow enables Telcoinabox customers to “learn at their leisure” and navigate a smoother learning curve than the one they were ascending before. Gone are the days of emails and documents sent through in dribs and drabs, today they simply log in to the HowNow platform and find everything they need in one place.

The ability to provide training and gain accreditation through e-learning is part of why they’re “very pleased with our relationship and our partnership with HowNow” and “…with the choice we made”. The platform allows them to prepare courses that cater to the reseller needs and make it easier and more efficient to gain the accreditation needed to sell those products.

The outcome

That ability to log on and learn from anywhere severely reduces the need for in-person training and all of the costs that come with that. And the support from HowNow has enabled them to implement that rapidly and effectively.

Why Telcoinabox chose HowNow's intelligent learning platform

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