In just nine months, Mercer LATAM delivered more than 300 certifications using HowNow - triple their forecast for the entire year.

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Is a particular role contributing to your organisation? And to what extent?

That’s where International Position Evaluation (IPEs) come in! 

A structured process to establish a job’s contribution, rank it against others and make systematic, data-driven HR decisions.

With Mercer’s mission to empower business success through people, they needed a way to train and upskill external customers all over the world on using IPEs.

The question is, where could they find a platform that ran live classes, empowered people to collaborate and access supporting resources - in real time and on their terms?

🚀 Enter HowNow…

In just nine months, Mercer delivered more than 300 certifications - triple the number they’d forecasted for the entire year - by centralising resources, delivering live classes and driving on-demand learning in HowNow.

How Mercer scaled their certifications program

By building collaborative external training with an asynchronous option!

Mercer LATAM truly tapped into the power of blended learning. Their IPE training combines events and live classes, with courses and easy-to-use HowNow Nuggets to provide supporting materials.

Live classes that drive group learning

“In a session, you’ll have people from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina. So it's very nice to see all this diversity. And they can learn from different people.” - Brenda Rodriguez

Rolled out regionally, the live sessions allowed people to consume the content and learn together in real time!

This also meant they no longer had to bring people together physically or even necessarily at the same time because content was also available on-demand with the capability to collaborate and discuss asynchronously…

To date, more than 550 live classes have been completed!

Centralising supporting resources and additional knowledge in HowNow

In the same space they accessed those live sessions, Mercer also provided access to courses and easy-to-digest HowNow Nuggets. 

Giving people the power to learn independently, on-demand and at their pace! And by enabling our Discussions feature, the comments on those resources became a place for people to learn socially and build knowledge together.

“The feedback was that they thought it was great, precisely for the reasons we discussed. I witnessed the sessions live and we have participants who share their experience, they debate, they work in small rooms together. 

“That, for me, is the most beautiful thing. Because certification is important, but to see that they take advantage of that space is very rewarding for me.” - Brenda Rodriguez.

Reducing admin and friction for the Mercer team using HowNow

Before HowNow there was a lot of manual work in adding people to the platform and generating reports.

Now the reporting is automated and certifications are issued when that pathway’s been completed. Internally, they’ve also seen the benefits of enabling experts to create content, scaling relevant content creation and social learning that fits the business context.

“From a user perspective, it is quite intuitive! We have internal users who need to build the content, release reports and add users, and even though we are new, well, it has been phenomenal using HowNow.” - Ariadna Guzman.

The impact: More certifications and happy users on the other end

Mercer have not only delivered more than 300 certifications, they’ve received glowing feedback!

Their Net Promoter Score of 56 for these courses is considered excellent, highlighting how well-received this combination of social and independent learning has been.

Tripling the number of certifications has also had a significant commercial impact. Delivering an additional 200 IPE certifications generated $400,000 in extra revenue.

"Having HowNow as our platform allowed us to expand our offer from a local level to a regional level for LATAM.

"It expanded the participation to companies who previously did not have the opportunity to participate in our courses, because they weren’t located in cities where the courses were taught.

“It also gives the participants the opportunity to study at their own pace and not be tied to a specific and short time to do so." - Ariadna Guzman.

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