Disengaged sales reps don’t close deals.

Support sales performance by enabling and developing your whole team under one roof. They’ll be reaching their targets in no time with easy-to-access knowledge at their fingertips.

Surface knowledge when it’s needed

Shorten sales cycles, improve pitches, find templates and guides in seconds with the HowNow Browser Extension. Get smart recommendations directly in your CRM or Sales tech stack.

Reward, engage and energise

Engage reps with learning resources that support their development and reward their growth with badges, certificates and a learner leaderboard.

Proactively upskill your reps

Benchmark, measure and track sales skills with a powerful dashboard. Proactively target learning to the salespeople who need it most (now, and in the future) using Custom Rules

Curate expert knowledge

Use a curated library of content from HowNow+ to upskill your sales team with expert learning resources from specialist providers. Tied in with content curated from around the web and you’re on a fast track to great sales results.
"One of the things that the team loves the most is that learning is exactly at the point of need. It's really accessible!"
Harriet Perks
London Academy & Onboarding Lead, AND Digital

Loved by industry leaders

HowNow is fantastic. It’s the way learning should happen! It’s revolutionised the way we share information and has enabled everyone to learn so easily thanks to multiple integrations.
Jade Potgieter
Campus & LSG Lead, JUMO
Working with HowNow, I feel there’s a partnership. My voice is heard. When I’m having challenges, there’s always someone there to help and solve them.
Penny Simpson
Head of Learning & Enablement, Orbus Software
HowNow is built for learners, whereas traditional learning platforms out there focus only on admin features. HowNow offers a great balance for learning and it provides useful, real-time user analytics.
Gerard Rajendra
Group L&D Partner, ANCA
HowNow’s customer success team have been great and attentive and the implementation has been completely seamless! What I like most is HowNow’s unified search function and how well it integrates with the rest of our tech stack.
Kris Holland
Marketing Director, Charlton Morris
#HowNow! I love having everything in one space and the idea of never having to search around.
Solaris Learner
I saw so many alternatives that had a stock pile of training courses that were just not very engaging whereas HowNow is the complete opposite to the traditional training platform and that really suited our culture.
People Director, Centrick
HowNow's team have been great, attentive and seamless. What I like most is the unified search function and how well it integrates with the rest of our tech stack.
Director of Marketing & Communications, Charlton Morris
I love the ability to make it all about learning and share content to add to our diversity mission. I also love the ability to easily share content through Slack!
People Operations Lead, Cognism
It's easy to use, modern and chic. It sends you recommendations based on your previous history and interests too
Learner at Telenor

Get 5x more engagement than a traditional LMS.

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