Creating the JUMO Campus: A single place for all learning.

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JUMO is a full technology stack for building and running financial services.
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When you ask somebody why they chose your product, and they tell you that they were looking for something more fun, light and dynamic, that feels pretty good!

Just a couple of years ago, JUMO had never used a learning management system before. After they tried an LMS that couldn’t track skills and was far too static for them, they realised they needed something that better fit their culture.

But it was more than just whether they liked the feel of a platform, it had to help them streamline knowledge management and create one place for all of their learning resources.

Their challenge

In a nutshell, creating the JUMO Campus – that one place where people could search for, share and find knowledge. The issue is that the two-person Campus Team are delivering content to more than 200 people. Plus, when there isn’t endless funding for using loads of applications and sending people on countless courses, you need to do something different.

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Our solution

Creating a knowledge base solely with content you’ve produced is a mammoth task for a large L&D team, and even bigger when there are only two people. It was the ability to supplement JUMO content with their people’s knowledge and resources from other publications that not only got L&D buy-in, but sold the platform to the wider team.

Who wouldn’t love a greater depth and availability of content, waiting at the end of a search?

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When people buy-in that’s great, but it’s even better when they start sharing knowledge and searching for it everywhere they work. By integrating with the apps JUMO’s people use every day, we empowered them to find the information they needed when it mattered, without breaking their existing habits.

Case in point was the positive feedback we received for our Browser Extension. As if by magic, all of their resources in HowNow started being surfaced as they went about their normal Google searches.

The outcome

Before HowNow, the average turnaround time for content that people would engage with was anywhere from two weeks to a month. Now, they can push content in a matter of seconds! They’ve gone from primarily creating courses that need subject matter experts, copy editors and designers, to rapidly growing the rate of fresh and exciting content. Of course, the courses still take time, but HowNow has opened resource creation to everybody.

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The final outcome is that JUMO were able to report on their own outcomes, by using HowNow to understand engagement analytics, content usage and user percentages. Data from HowNow is exported and used in JUMO’s people dashboards, helping them understand where people are spending their time, the types of content they engage with, for how long and who is contributing that knowledge.

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