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How do you keep your global employees updated on the latest product developments and provide consistent training across time zones? This was the challenge facing EventsCase, as they evolved from servicing events with a hundred people to 10,000-attendee conferences.

Their challenge

The all-in-one event management software provides websites, apps, registrations and more for events, operating in offices across the UK, US, Spain and Dubai. With the business and its staff growing at a fast pace, EventsCase needed a platform that could update and train all teams across the business and globe.

Before HowNow, the struggle was working across different locations and time zones while tripling the business size and staff every year. That made it difficult to keep everyone updated on the features and developments, across sales, support teams and project managers.

Our solution

HowNow allows EventsCase to train employees wherever they are and keep the whole company up to speed. It also allows them to measure learning, a big step up from the previous techniques of sending files via DropBox – this left them unable to understand who was watching or reading which content. Today, they can track and report who, how and where people learn.

The outcome

In short, a very happy team at EventsCase! Ther people have all those capabilities but have found the platform straightforward to implement and use on their two-year journey with HowNow.

Eventscase quotes on why they chose HowNow

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