INTENT.LY X HOWNOW engaged 100% of their people in the launch of their learning space, and they did it in just four steps! We discuss their journey here.

launch week engagement.
of which logged in independently.
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The Amazing new Platform

The challenge

Capturing feedback has been a constant for over 3 years of’s rapid growth, with the consistent response that training, upskilling and applying/sharing knowledge could be improved.

“Everyone was keen to learn, upskill and do more, but we just didn’t have the tools to give it to them.” – Rebecca Lee-Webb, Head of Operations,

HowNow became that home 🙌 But Rebecca and her team wanted to build it around their people and ensure engagement from launch day. So, they got them involved from the start…

The process LXP launch timeline

The numbers launch week engagement numbers’s pain points

  1. Employees wanted more opportunities and tools for development.
  2. Needing a central place for learning.
  3. Delivering personalised, engaging experiences and content.

Their four-step process for engagement from launch day

Step one: Understanding how their people learn best

Working with a training consultant and rolling out surveys to their managers and employees, landed on the Think, Feel, Know framework for learning styles.

  • Thinker: Very logical and thorough in their approach to learning, enjoys structure.
  • Feeler: Loves people to explain things to them and tends to be visual
  • Knower: Want something short and sweet – you prefer to know exactly what you need to know (and little else).

“What we realised within that is how we all learn so differently and perceive information so differently from one another…

So we then thought it would be phenomenal to implement the Think, Feel, Know practice in our platform.”

Step two: Leveraging internal experts and creating advocates

How do you populate a brand-new learning space before launch? You certainly don’t do it alone!

Rebecca tapped into’s subject matter experts to create content. The technical director, product manager and CEO began by adding guides, like how to use their admin dashboard.

From there, it was rolled out to every manager in the company, and they were given freedom to add what they thought would be useful for their teams:

“We’re saying to them, we want all of your knowledge on our platform and let’s share it with everyone else.”

This approach not only created excitement among new advocates, it saved Rebecca a huge amount of time in creating relevant content.

Why knowledge sharing is important to

Step three: Personalising learning to drive engagement is a unique business, so it’s not like they can simply go to Google, find a job description and map those requirements onto the learning their people need.

So, they needed to create custom role descriptions and build learning pathways that fulfilled that specific criteria.

“If you want someone to be really good at that exact job, you’ve got to give them those exact tools to do the job.

So we’re going into it in a much finer detail now, where it’s literally just accountabilities and responsibilities and just making sure that each playlist for each job role just matches those.”

Step four: Building an effective pre-launch communications strategy

While pre-launch content creation engaged managers, employees were involved in things like naming the platform, shaping the logo and building out the learning space.

This engaged people early on and gave them a sense of ownership for – a name suggested in a Slack channel and voted for through internal surveys!

The day before launch, they rolled out a company-wide mailer to reinforce why they were launching it, what people could expect and some links for how to log in and set preferences.

And this all meant engaged stakeholders from an early stage, managers with an understanding of how the platform works, a bank of relevant content and a frictionless process for getting into the learning space. launch email

How this strategy ensured a successful launch: The proof is in the planning

So, launch day arrived. The right leaders and managers were engaged and understood how to use Employees had been involved in the process and were excited to see it live and everyone had been well informed, which meant an engaged workforce from day one.

With 70% of users logging in independently and the rest attending show and tell sessions in person, achieved 100% engagement after launch.

And it’s supporting the company’s growth in three key ways:

  1. It’s saving time for internal experts and the leadership team who can now capture consistent answers to repeat questions and tasks.
  2. Meeting company goals to decrease churn and empower their most-valuable people by giving people more access to knowledge and upskilling opportunities.
  3. Hiring globally and the ability to offer consistent onboarding/development through on-demand and self-directed learning.

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