How Jumbo Built Core Content Pathways In Weeks, Using HowNow+ Curation Services

Access to 5,000+ learning resources curated from specialist providers.
More than 12 course pathways and certifications created.
pieces of content shared across Jumbo's teams.
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Learning Pathways, Content Curation

How do you go from limited L&D model to content pathways for your core business skills in a matter of months?

By curating content from specialist providers and building pathways that end with employee certification!

That’s the story of Jumbo Interactive.

Before they launched Jumbo University in HowNow, employees would submit ad hoc requests for external training but the feedback was that the external lens didn’t align to their culture or ways of working.

The goal was to create easy access to learning opportunities in the flow of work and offer content aligned to their culture and core business needs.

Here’s how they did it.

Understanding core business needs and skills to deliver relevant content 


Prior to launching Jumbo University, Tracey Johnson, Talent & Inclusion Lead, sat down with each department head to run through a learning needs analysis.

The goal was to understand their team’s specific needs and which skills were required, so they could offer relevant, useful content, targeted by skills, teams and seniority.

“What we didn’t want was people logging in and immediately seeing learning that wasn't relevant to them and disengaging.

"We were able to tailor the learning by department, seniority etc., making it more relevant and engaging to the user.” - Tracey Johnson, Talent & Inclusion Lead, Jumbo Interactive.

A key finding was that DEI, coaching and leadership were critical and would need to be catered for in that content curation process.

Jumbo's JU CERT Certificate Of Emerging Leadership Pathway

Building courses and pathways using HowNow’s Content Curations services

HowNow+ customers have access to content curation sessions, where our experts build pathways based on the company’s needs, topics and culture.

Jumbo used their sessions to build out those core pathways, and here’s how it worked.

It began with a discovery session, where our team discussed their learning preferences for styles and formats, requirements in where the content needed to be sourced, those core topics and the goals of each pathway.

Jumbo's Active Listening Course, part of their JU CERT Certifications

Our curation team built out pathways based on those sessions, and shared those with the Jumbo team to provide feedback. With any amendments made, we then built the pathways out in HowNow and Jumbo assigned them to relevant people.

Within two weeks, they Jumbo team had 12 playlists covering those urgently-needed topics like agile methodology, communication, data literacy, DEI, innovation, leadership and management, managing stakeholders, public speaking and much more.

“The content curation service has been so helpful in saving me time curating pathways for particular skills, roles and topics and also helping me to understand which courses fit best for our needs and style.

“Also I can see what’s ‘trending’ to save me time sifting through the many options available.” - Tracey Johnson, Talent & Inclusion Lead, Jumbo Interactive.

Delivering team-specific pathways but opening them up to others

As part of that mission to deliver relevant content that answered those learning needs, Tracey created team-specific courses.

Like their Certification of Customer Service, targeted specifically to their customer service team - a pathway that half of the team completed in the first three months after launch.

JU CERTs are used to deliver relevant learning pathways to specific groups.

However, many of the courses were made openly available to everyone in the business, allowing them to upskill in areas that interested them and access resources in their moments of need.

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