How Infinity Works achieved more with less effort using HowNow.

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Infinity Works is one of the UK’s leading digital transformation and engineering consultancies.
London, UK

Founded in 2014, Infinity Works help companies navigate through the complex process of digital transformation. They bring together experienced engineers, process experts and cloud technologists to ensure their consulting process results in tech-driven transformations.

After a poor LMS experience with SAP Litmos left a sour taste in their mouths, Infinity Works were craving something that could cleanse their learning palate by helping them solve several key issues for more than 350 employees.

Their challenge

If a learning experience isn’t user-friendly, there’s very little chance it’s going to engage your people or drive adoption! Something Infinity Works learnt from their past LMS encounters was that if there’s a lot of admin associated with L&D tasks, it not only creates a poor experience but reduces the time their team have to focus on driving their people development strategy.

They wanted the opposite this time around, a platform that was intuitive, something that not only spoke to their people but also empowered them to interact and share knowledge with each other! As part of this, they were keen to find a platform that brought together all their scattered knowledge and made it easier for people to find and share. Avoiding content overload and irrelevant resources were pretty high on their list.

Lastly, the platform needed to track and report on their KPIs. That way, they could refine and design their training strategy based on data and engagement.

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Our solution

Tailored implementation

It was our ability to tick these boxes that led Infinity Works to HowNow, so it was crucial that we ticked them in our implementation by syncing with employee data, automating the addition of new starters and assigning people to relevant learning pathways.

This made a great first impression with their learners and, by tailoring our implementation to specific use cases, we were able to drive early adoption through more personalised experiences. Approaches like catering to the needs of remote employees through more live classes and video content drove an activation rate of more than 97% in just four months.

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Integration with their ecosystem

Next up, integration with their HR platform. We were able to put the ‘oo’ in Bamboo HR by automating the onboarding and assigning of employees to relevant courses. The result was significantly reduced admin time. By integrating with their shared drive, we were able to create a single point of access for all work-related knowledge, while our Slack integration drove engagement by enabling users to find it in the flow of work.

Real-time analytics and insights

The previous platforms Infinity Works had used just didn’t provide a comprehensive view of all the learning that was taking place. It was pretty much a case of ‘here’s who’s compliant’ and then, tumbleweeds.

Our goal was to show that detailed analytics into skills and learning activities could be found easily when they needed it.

Their team used our skill mapping and tracking to build profiles for each person, using self and peer review to identify which skills they had in the team. So far, they’ve identified an impressive 235. By grading proficiency out of five, they’re able to recommend content that develops existing and missing skills.

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The outcome

Well, we already hit you with the spoiler that managers and admins are happy with their insights, but what about the learners? The short answer is, they’ve been busy!

More than 5,700 pieces of content have been viewed and 5,200 completed since launch. Perhaps more impressively, almost 400 contributions have been made by people at Infinity Works in a matter of months. They’re finding content, learning from it and sharing their own valuable insights.

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