Connect your HRIS to learning with HiBob and HowNow

Sync your employee data with our LXP to create better learning experiences! Save time, make learning relevant and automate its delivery.

Automate the onboarding process.

New employees are automatically added and their data is transferred from HiBob to HowNow, meaning you can automatically invite them to your learning space. Set rules for sending content based on start date, ensuring content that’s relevant to every employee is sent to every employee.

Assign relevant learning content to employee groups.

Automatically create learning groups based on departments and job roles, allowing you to deliver the right content to the right people.

Deliver content based on custom rules.

Create specific learning rules based on multiple data points in HiBob. Imagine you need to send a course to every marketing employee that’s joined since September, we’ll help you build that custom rule.

Save time. Drive efficiency. Ensure accuracy.

HowNow securely syncs with HiBob, ensuring that your learning platform is continuously updated. You’ll never have to manage department switches or role updates in your learning platform again.

HowNow also integrates with: