Zoom-in? Marvellous! We now integrate with Zoom

September 9, 2020
June 26, 2023

It’s the app that introduced us to lockdown virtual quizzes and phrases like “you’re on mute”, and now it’s the one that integrates with HowNow to make managing your live classes and webinars a piece of cake.

Add Zoom links to your event invites

We wanted to ease your Zoom fatigue not add to it! And that meant making sure you could manage all of your live events in HowNow, from inception to post-session stats. And for all of that to be far less painful than any of your recent ‘teaching-the-elders’ tutorials.

Whenever you’re using it for a live event, just tick the Use Zoom option and we’ll automatically add Zoom links to invites.

Use Zoom in HowNow for your webinars and live classes

Manage your event scheduling and attendees

At some point in the webinar or class build-up, you’ll probably ask yourself who’s meant to be attending? Who hasn’t accepted your invitation? And, more importantly, why can’t you find all of this without hopping from list to list and app to app!

We were as frustrated as you are. But by integrating HowNow and Zoom you can say goodbye to scattered information on scheduling and attendance, and hello to taking care of it all in one place. Set up and amend your events in HowNow and understand who’s attending, who’s yet to respond and which cheeky so and so has cancelled.  

And, as you would have noticed from the image above, if you’re not a Zoom user then you can continue using our Virtual Classroom or adding custom links.