What Is An LXP? A No-Waffle Answer To A Pretty Simple Question

Gary Stringer
October 19, 2022
July 20, 2023

Do you care about the learner experience? The people on the front line and trying to overcome challenges, learn new skills and get better at their job?

Good news, you’ll love the LXP!

And you’ll also be part of a far smaller, cooler, considerate club than those who just prioritise learning management over the end user.

Because, you see, the learning experience platform can only truly be understood in comparison to what came before – the learning management system (LMS).

While the LMS is often disconnected from where we work, home to old-school courses that don’t mirror the ways we naturally learn and all about driving learning from the top down…

The LXP offers a new dawn in the world of workplace tech – and we think we can sum it up with seven simple rules, or ‘Learns’ as we’ll call them!

And at this point, you might be asking what will an LXP do for me, the L&D pro?

Well, it’ll do a lot more for your learners, and they’re the people that matter so let’s go down that rabbit hole instead.

The ‘Seven Learns’ that mean LXPs deliver more impactful and engaging experiences

Learn from each other

LXPs are typically great at democratising knowledge sharing. Everyone’s an expert in something; they just need the tools and encouragement to share their wisdom!

Your internal experts have built up knowledge on the job, it’s contextual to where it needs to be applied and is therefore far more useful for someone in the role. When they encounter a challenge, tips from someone who has tackled it before prevent us from repeating mistakes and allow us to be more effective.

The more we do this, the more we create a company brain and build on our collective knowledge! At HowNow, we use Nuggets and they look a little something like this:

Learn at the pace of change

By allowing more people to create content, we stop L&D teams becoming the bottleneck for content – and that’s typically the barrier to learning at the rate of change.

If we can’t learn at speed, others seize opportunities while we worry about perfecting content.

But okay-looking content that solves the problem we’re facing today is better than a masterpiece a month after our moment of need.

“When you’re in those moments that matter and you have a challenge, getting the right content makes all the difference. Relevance is more important than the production values. Speed over perfection is what matters!” – Nelson Sivalingam.

Timing beats perfection, and we should always remember that, but also recognise our role is to provide guidelines that allow content to be created in useful, consistent ways.

LXPs also help us learn at the rate of change by creating a living, breathing ecosystem that grows over time. And it does that by curating relevant content that already exists…

Learn the way you always have

If content that solves a problem already exists, why create it? If we adopt that mindset, that also opens us up to more of the content types that mirror the way we learn in everyday life.

74% of people listen to podcasts to learn new things, a billion hours of YouTube content is viewed every day, and there’s around 8.5 billion Google Searches in that same period on average.

At HowNow, we curate the best content from across the internet to provide an ever-evolving, always-updating library of resources that tap into our natural learning behaviours!

That thinking also led us to create our Google Browser Extension, surfacing relevant resources from your learning space alongside search results.

You’ll see it working in two ways below. Pulling in relevant resources from HowNow (directly need to the search results) and the open Browser Extension (right hand side), allowing us to search for further relevant resources without leaving Gooogle.

Browser Extension Example Hubspot

Learn at the point of need

49% of people want to learn at their point of need! We call them moments that matter – those scenarios where access to the right information influences performance! And LXPs help do this in two ways:

  • Centralising all your information in one place – allowing people to practice self-directed learning and search for answers when problems arise.
  • Integrating with the tools people use every day – meaning they can find information where it’ll need to be applied.

Learn in fun and engaging ways

First impressions matter. You want to wow people on that initial login to your LXP! And that’s why so many of them allow you to add custom branding, from logos to brand colours and personalised designs across content.

Here are three examples from HowNow customers to show you what we mean.

Learn what works and what doesn’t

People like to say L&D needs to get better at using data, but they need their tools to meet them halfway!

LXPs do a lot of the heavy lifting for reporting, allowing you to create custom reports to drill down to insights you can action. These are often run in real-time too, ensuring you’re not acting on outdated data and can report relevant numbers to your stakeholders.

You’ll often find that they cater to more than just vanity metrics like completion and time spent learning, helping you measure the impact you’re baking into learning experiences.

Learn what has to be learnt, but make it less painful

You won’t typically see compliance in the messaging for LXPs, and that’s typically because their mission is to move us away from a compliance-first culture or mindset. And that’s right, we need to have a performance or impact-led approach.

However, compliance is very much something most L&D teams or companies need to manage! So while we’ll always tell you not to lead with compliance and to focus on adding value, HowNow is here to make the mandatory easier to manage.

Whether it’s setting custom rules to send repeated content or connect new employees with something that has to be done, or reporting in real-time and only targeting non-compliant employees with reminders.

Read Compliance training has to be easy and engaging, HowNow helps you do both!

We’ve told you what an LXP is, but seeing is believing! So, we’d love to show you around, and you can book a demo right here, right now.

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