91% of sales reps believe that peer learning will help them succeed! This webinar will give you all the other tools you need, from playbooks to tech, save your space.

November 30, 2020
June 26, 2023

91% of sales reps believe that peer learning will help them succeed! But it’s not everything. That social learning needs a helpful playbook, tools that give your reps sales superpowers and a plan to streamline the sales process. This webinar recording covers it all:

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of onboarding a Sales Rep.
  • Creating customised learning pathways.
  • Using social learning to clone your heavy hitters.
  • The ultimate sales playbook and plan.
  • Engaging and motivating your sales team.
  • Using HowNow to streamline the sales process.

Training a sales team from 101 to PHD

An onboarding course can be absolutely crucial for creating successful sales teams and reps! Really, it’s the foundation or the first rung on the ladder at the very least. And it’s this importance that takes us straight to Google. Everything’s fun there isn’t it? They even call their new joiners Nooglers (short for New Googlers) and 85% of them rate their onboarding experience as excellent.Ok Google, why? One reason is that manager’s receive new starter information just 24 hours before they arrive, accompanied by a very short list of things they should aim to achieve. This keeps it fresh and front of manager’s mind, and gives them simple steps like discussing responsibilities, creating social connections and ensuring there’s open dialogue. It also respects that both people are going to busy, so they won’t benefit from bloated onboarding.

Do’s and Dont’s for onboarding your sales reps (and everyone else, really)

The Do's and Don'ts of enabling your sales team

Create customised learning opportunities

It’s not just that everyone deserves a personal touch (they really do), but they’ll appreciate it too. For example, consider how resources will be used and interpreted at different levels in your sales department. What might be important to particular job roles or seniorities? How might different regional offices learn differently? These are great places to start!

The power of customised learning

Assess strengths, opportunities and skills gaps

Remember our statistic that 91% of sales reps believe that peer learning will help them succeed? Well, they’re probably right, so peer learning’s your first opportunity! And it’s one that taps into strengths too. Human interactions can drive positivity and they also create openness around learning, helping you identify the gaps between subject matter experts and those lacking that particular skill. Connect the two and watch them both grow.You shouldn’t base this on what you see or anecdotal evidence, so make sure you’re testing, measuring and assessing skills and knowledge. Then you’ll truly know which heavy hitters might make marvellous mentors and who is prime for upskilling. If data informs your strategy, you’ll stand a better chance of developing your sales team.

Having dialogue in your sales teams to help enablement

Streamlining your sales process

As we discussed in our sales trends to look out for in 2021, building the ultimate sales tech stack will be crucial moving forward. It’ll help your sales team focus on important face-to-face tasks by automating some of the manual hard work. In particular, we’re talking about scheduling tools, learning platforms that are actually fit for purpose and apps that turbocharge productivity.

Given that 50% of businesses don’t have a sales plan, having a framework and a sales experience playbook will give you consistency and a competitive advantage. Something to guide reps through the lead journey, from inbound to conversion, and fine-tune their sales approach, which is perfect for pairing with insights from internal experts.We already talked about a personal touch, and your buyers will want it to!

So, your reps need the tools to convince them that your product is the bespoke solution to their needs. Create buying personas for your different customers, while remembering that one size doesn’t fit all. That buyer persona needs a pinch of salt and a decent amount of critical thinking for each potential customer interaction.

Engaging the sales team and building momentum

Sales is cyclical, otherwise we wouldn’t call it the sales cycle! So, it’s super important to engage the sales team, keep up momentum and ensure things don’t become too repetitive. Your reps will appreciate honesty, clear goals and a willingness to hear their feedback, but they’ll LOVE when you celebrate their wins. No matter how small! It’ll go a long way in creating confidence.

Soft skills are crucial too, especially when they need to nurture leads or develop a connection before getting them to sign on the dotted line. Empathy, passion and being able to hold an interesting conversation should be high on your skills list. Couple that with strong product knowledge and you’re well on your way to a winning formula.

Got any questions?

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