They’re busy taking care of your customers, but who’s looking out for your customer support team!? Join this webinar and you’ll have the tools to do just that.

November 30, 2020
June 26, 2023

They’re busy taking care of your customers, but who’s looking out for your customer support teams!?

This webinar recording gives you all the tips and tools to do just that.The customer support journey starts with understanding your customers, their problems and empathising as you solve them. Doing that well takes practice and knowledge of useful customer support techniques. All of which you’ll learn in this session:

  • How to have honest and authentic conversations.
  • The language that helps you nail customer interactions.
  • Creating a social learning culture in your team.
  • Ensuring your customer support team’s development isn’t overlooked.
  • Connecting your team with valuable knowledge in HowNow.

Creating an amazing customer support journey

What does good customer support look like to you? That starts with understanding what’s important to your clients, company and how you can tailor an approach to both parties.

Generic CS resources can’t be customised to your business needs, so take the time to consider if you’d be better off with scripts, specific practice scenarios or perhaps more product knowledge.It shouldn’t stop there though, because one script or scenario won’t fit every customer, so you’ll need to use some critical thinking and creative intelligence to make those more personal.

Here’s a few traits it’s helpful to develop as you train your employees.

What good customer service looks like

Remember when we asked who was taking care of your reps? We didn’t just include that because it rolls off the tongue! Customer support teams can be easily overlooked or feel left behind for development opportunities, and the high-pressure nature of their role can push learning into the background.

That’s why learning in the flow of work is important to customer-facing employees, those who can’t always set aside a block of time. Encourage them to learn socially by sharing their experiences with others, give them a platform to ask for what they lack or need, and create an environment where learning opportunities are clear, open and celebrated.

Speaking honestly and with empathy

Empathy is one of the biggest tools for connecting with your customers, it can help de-escalate challenging scenarios with unhappy customers, offer more valuable and human support, and build better relationships. Here’s a few ways you can talk to people like they’re people, in a positive way that helps you add more value.

How to speak with empathy with your customers

Nobody likes fakeness, especially from customer support, what we want is honesty! And it really is the best policy - it’ll certainly help you develop emotional intelligence and ditch the robot voice. All of this helps them feel at ease with you, and who wouldn’t want that?

Enable customer support teams to be their best

It’s not exactly the quote, but searching for information is the enemy of productivity! Especially for your customer support team, your users rely on them to reply in a timely and knowledgeable manner. Your job is to give them the tools to do it.

Think about options that integrate where they already work, and collect as much feedback from both employees and customers to inform your strategy.According to the 70:20:10 rule, we gain 70% of our knowledge from on the job tasks and 20% from our colleagues. If you tap into social learning you’ll get the best of both worlds!

Empower people to share their experiences and give your subject matter experts a platform to impart their wisdom. That way everyone’s voice is heard, whichever is invaluable for their feelings of value and importance. It’ll also make learning more fun and less formal, as well as driving a culture of openness and dialogue.

Why scalability and creativity should be top of mind

Think about the learning experiences that stuck with you, they were probably the out-of-the box techniques and sessions that made it more fun, right? So, let those creative juices flow! Go a little left-field with your format, come up with a new method for sharing feedback and conjure up innovative ways to gather your team together.

How to get the creative juices flowing

A little less fun, but think about your scalability too. When you enter periods of unexpected growth, how well is your customer support process set up to handle that? How can you implement automation to make that more manageable and what else can your existing tools do to support that increased demand?

Got any questions?

We crammed a lot into that session and, to deliver on our promise of keeping it short and sweet, we didn't take any questions! So, why not leave them as a comment below?

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