Blended learning gives you the best of both worlds: face-to-face interactions and independent online learning. This webinar shows you how!

November 30, 2020
June 26, 2023

Blended learning gives you the best of both worlds: face-to-face interactions and independent online learning!

But, the journey to creating should be short and sweet, not a full-blown expedition!This session will teach you the shortcuts that don’t sacrifice quality! Learn how to automate the boring stuff, not obsess over the design to create valuable content in seconds, and let your experts share their experiences:

  • The value of blended learning, especially for remote employees.
  • Working out what your learners need.
  • Creating content quickly, so you can share it while it’s relevant.
  • Personalising the learner experience.
  • Putting all this theory into practice.
  • Using HowNow to create your journey in minutes, literally!

What’s blended learning and why is it so important?

You’ll come across people who swear by face-to-face learning alone, and others that are advocates for online only.

If those passions could meet in the middle they’d both be better off. We’re not here to play marriage counsellors, but we will tell you that wedding the two together in a blended approach means learning lasts longer than the honeymoon period!Think of it as using technology to cater for the modern learner, allowing them to learn social, create a community and still have the tools to develop independently.

Right now a lot of us are distance learning and working online, so the role of technology in connecting learner and resources has never been more important.

Recognising the value in the blended approach

A good place to start is by thinking how people actually want to learn, and just under 50% of people prefer to do it at their point of needs. That makes perfect sense! When learning fits neatly into your day, it’s surprisingly easy to do it in the workflow.

Given that a vast amount of the workforce are either Gen Z or Millennials, we’re in a diverse space of tech-savvy and traditional learners. Each one of those people are different, so they’ll appreciate a personal approach.

Tips for creating blended and social learning

You can’t overlook the importance of social learning either. Online learning platforms typically (and should) provide you the tools to capture knowledge and share it with relevant colleagues.

Whether that’s expertise they’ve developed over the years or just adding new ideas to an old resource with a quick comment. They all play a part in creating an environment for people to learn openly and find relevant knowledge as they work.As the title of this session suggests, one of the biggest benefits of using a platform like HowNow is to create content in seconds.

Getting it out there where it can make a difference, instead of waiting weeks for the perfectly-formed content to be created.

Is there a right format for your content?

Lastly, tech is your friend for automating ‘the boring stuff’, especially useful if your team’s running on limited resources. Automating lesson assignments, reviewing insights and analytics in easy reporting dashboards, and marking assessments/giving online feedback are all ways to buy back precious time. Any of that data you do assess should be used to tailor your content, understand learners and personalise experiences.

Bridging the engagement gaps between content types

If you’ve not met the holy trinity of blended learning, take a quick peek at the image below. Online classes don’t always allow amazing debate, but a tête-à-tête can really flourish in a face-to-face setting.

That’s unless you’re not one for high-pressure environments, you then might gravitate towards that independent bubble. Stay in there too long and you might struggle to apply it practically. So, it’s back to an online class to present and dissect conent together. It’s all connected...

Got any questions?

We crammed a lot into that session and, to deliver on our promise of keeping it short and sweet, we didn't take any questions! So, why not leave them as a comment below?

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