"The team absolutely loves it! They’re always asking for more content & the managers are really getting involved with uploading articles & training materials."

August 7, 2020
June 26, 2023
Learning And Development

Natasha is the Customer Support Training Manager at Gymshark, where she has been working for just over 3 years. She manages training and development for the Customer Support Teams in both the UK & US. Natasha joined us to discuss onboarding at Gymshare, upskilling teams, using HowNow to deliver training and plenty more.

How were you delivering training and upskilling your team before HowNow?

All our training is normally delivered in a face-to-face experience, and we would have a one-week onboarding plan that would consist of presentations and live demos.Since having HowNow, we’ve been able to change the way we onboard our staff.

We’ve revamped the presentations we used and made our very own training videos. We then input live demos within that, and it always lives in and is hosted by the learning space so the team has easy access, even for a quick refresher after their onboarding.

What were the main challenges of onboarding and upskilling before HowNow?

It was mostly the difficulty of accessing the content. When we onboard our staff, we do have a lot of different processes in place. By making these training videos it means that we can plan what we want to roll out to the team to make sure everything is covered.

As the Gymshark Customer Support Team works around the clock, having HowNow in place means we can ensure the content gets to all teams in both the UK & US, which helps us deliver a world class customer experience.

How are you using HowNow to empower knowledge sharing in your team?

We work alongside multiple teams that may affect the Customer Support Team. HowNow helps us filter through and add content that will help educate the agents and deliver a world class customer experience.

Each manager has a certain relationship with a specific department in the business. Our aim is for our Customer Support Team to be experts in all areas of the business and Hownow is going to help us achieve this goal.

How has the platform helped you during this remote working period?

Over the last few months, we have onboarded our entire US team, along with several members of staff in the UK. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances of COVID-19, all our onboarding has been done via Zoom. So, during the entire training process, we have been using HowNow videos as much as we can.

This way, we can make sure all teams are aligned.Using these videos in training is a massive benefit as we are onboarding multiple groups at one time. Again, it helps us with the consistency of our training. It’s always a great source for an agent to have access to if they were ever unsure and wanted to go back for a refresher.

What are the four key benefits of using HowNow?

  1. Engagement: Thanks to the system, we were able to increase the team’s engagement with our training material. We can make eye-catching content thanks to the nugget editor and make sure they understand everything. It’s also informative, fun to watch and Gymshark-like.
  2. Communication and consistency: It means that we include everything that’s required, after our thorough planning. Then, we get it all in one video and automate the distribution process.
  3. Accessibility: This is a big thing at Gymshark. Having content that’s accessible at the click of a button is key. We always want the relevant information to be accessible whenever you need it. The majority of our employees are accessing the content from the HowNow web app or Browser Extension.
  4. Productivity: This has been improved since using HowNow. Our people don’t have to search for what they need as much, and they don’t need to dig through folder after folder. They can get the information quicker and speed up the entire process of customer support.

Which features do you most commonly use?

One of the most commonly used features is definitely Custom Channels. We have built a very specific frame of channels, and this is being used extensively on a daily basis. We also use Nuggets to share knowledge and especially the video upload, embed code upload and text editor.  On our team's side, the HowNow Browser Extension is the most used across all employees. It’s one of the first things they’ll install after joining the team.We’re also looking at developing some Playlists as well as Learning Pathways in the near future.

What level of engagement are you getting on HowNow?

The team absolutely loves it! They’re always asking for more content, and the managers are really getting involved with uploading articles and training materials. Everyone who joins our team knows that this is the main system we use, and we usually ask them to have the default HowNow page on the browser set up.

The HowNow tab should always be open, to the same extent as the tool we use to answer customer questions. They get on with it really well and think it’s super easy to use. Interested in what HowNow can help your team achieve? We thought so! You can learn more about us here or get in touch with us today.