Unified Search: Find all your resources in one slick results page

Gary Stringer
February 19, 2021
July 20, 2023

You know why everybody loves buffets and all-inclusive holidays? Because they can find everything they want in one place! And that’s what encourages them to get involved.

When it comes to learning, you don’t have to lay on a huge spread or schedule pool aerobics for midday, but by applying the same principle of putting it in one place, you’ll get people more involved and engaged with content!

That’s why our Unified Search brings all your content together. Whether it’s something you’ve created in HowNow, stored in apps like Google Drive or part of your course libraries like Udemy, we’ll surface any relevant content from your integrated apps and tools, each time you search.

If you want to scroll through it by source, just switch between the various results tabs. If you’ve got a better idea of what you’re looking for, the filter is your friend!

A search that’s more than just titles and descriptions

Did you spot anything interesting in the GIF above? The last resource under the HowNow tab has no mention of branding whatsoever! And yet it’s still there in the search results because the content is relevant.

Names and descriptions can be deceiving. Cat burglars don’t have whiskers, red pandas aren’t even related to giant pandas and To Kill A Mockingbird doesn’t even… well, we won’t spoil that.

But that’s why we analyse more than just titles and descriptions each time we surface your search results. If the answer you’re looking for lives in a piece of content with an unrelated name, platforms that just scan the name and description get you no closer to the knowledge you need.

If you want to see how this works in practice, you don’t even need to search at all! Just click this link to our on-demand product demo and watch our search in action. Plus, all the other cool things you never thought were possible, but you can do in HowNow.