There’s no I in Teams, but you will spot our H

September 16, 2020
June 26, 2023

That’s right, Microsoft Teams is the latest platform to receive the HowNow integration treatment! The small and mighty ‘h’ you’ll see beneath the message bar lets you share and capture knowledge without ever leaving Teams. Here’s how:

Create Nuggets in Teams

The Teams daily user number jumped to 44 million in March and then grew another 70% in April to reach a staggering 75 million. That’s more people, sending more useful information to each other every day. It would be a shame to lose all that right?

Capture knowledge there and then, without leaving Teams, and make sure it doesn’t become a repeat question or lost nugget.

Creating nuggets in HowNow via Microsoft Teams

Search for and share knowledge

With more than 75 million people using Teams in the flow of work each day, driving them somewhere else to find information would make them less productive. By integrating HowNow and Teams, you’re not stopping people from going with the flow.

As you’ll see below, searching for knowledge and sharing it with people as a Teams message takes just a few clicks.

Search for HowNow content in Microsoft Teams in the flow of work

Get notifications in Teams

The last piece of the puzzle is getting your HowNow notifications in Teams, making your flow of work even smoother. When somebody shares a resource with you or interacts with something you’ve shared, you’ll see it all in one place.

HowNow Notifications in Teams

Watch how it works

It’s been an exciting time for HowNow feature and integration updates recently, and you can learn all about the latest additions to our product here.