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February 13, 2020
June 26, 2023
Knowledge Sharing

Social learning is becoming an integral part of learning and development, as more companies start investing in learning that is collaborative. Whether you’re part of a massive corporate or an SME looking to see some quick growth, social learning is the new buzz word in L&D and it’s taking the industry by storm.

There’s no sign of this trend slowing down either - the Brandon Hall Group recently published research suggesting that 73% of organisations expect to increase their social learning over the next year. So, in order to help your business keep up with the latest in learning and development, we’re running through why it’s so important that learning is collaborative.

What Is Social Learning?

First and foremost, social learning is a sociological theory that suggests that collaborative learning is one of the most effective varieties. The theory promotes the idea that new behaviours and skills are best learnt by imitation and observation of those in our social groups.

At the heart of the theory is acknowledgement that humans are by nature social beings and therefore social learning is one of the oldest forms of picking things up.Social learning focuses less on learning theoretical lessons and writing them down, instead it is based on asking questions, observing others and sharing knowledge in order to build and grow.

In the workplace, this theory really thrives and has started becoming more popular with the advancement of digital. Now with discussion forums, chatrooms, videos and interactive learning platforms, people are able to share knowledge quickly and easily. Modern social learning brings together a team’s knowledge in order to share and teach colleagues collaboratively.

Why Is Social Learning So Important?

Social learning is becoming one of the most popular options for forward-thinking companies who want to boost their team’s skill set. The main reasons that social learning is so important are:

Real-time knowledge - forget taking a year to learn a syllabus that is likely to change just as quickly as you learnt it. With social learning the content is constantly being updated and offers knowledge that adapts to your current needs. In this way, the learner is able to access the content that they need, exactly when they need it.

Continuous development - social learning encourages learners to take control of their own learning are continually develop their skills. With recommended learning that excites and engages users, continuous development becomes second nature.

Collaboration between teams - one of the best parts of social learning is that it encourages teams to come together to learn. Not only does this improve the quality of the learning and help employees retain information, it allows them to form bonds and work together whilst they do it. In this way it’s a more fun way of learning that is great for team building.

Why Should Companies Consider Social Learning?

Giving your team more learning opportunities is beneficial for a number of reasons, however when you make that learning and development sociable the results can be incredible. One of the main reasons companies should consider social learning is the benefit that it has to the employee and the company on the whole. The main benefits are:

Speedier onboarding

With social learning, employees can start to ask questions about how they should work from the minute they start. This often allow team members to guide them, saving time and also encouraging a positive work culture.

An upskilled team

Naturally, a massive benefit of social learning is gaining a team who are able to retain and use the knowledge they learn on the job. With employees taking control of their own learning, employers will future-proof their team with skills that evolve with the times.

A happier workplace

Learning is the 2nd most-desired workplace benefit, so offering social learning is a key way to keep employees happy and thriving. Not only will your team’s skill set grow, they will be happier too.Are you ready to invest in your team? Take a look at the top reasons you should consider HowNow, and introduce social learning to your company today! Plus, for more information you can contact us and request a demo to see if HowNow is right for you.