Conquer Your Biggest L&D Challenges: Say Hi, to HowNow AI

Alfie Gardner
April 12, 2024
Product Updates

AI isn't just a way for L&D to do things faster and with less effort.

We've viewed it that way for too long - and it's stopping us using its full potential.

Beyond automating tasks and churning out content, AI has the potential to transform L&D.

And the key to unlocking it lies in using AI to tackle the big, complex challenges that have long held us back.

Enter HowNow AI.

"That's why we built HowNow AI, a suite of AI tools designed not just for efficiency but for effectiveness. AI that enables you to confront those daunting L&D challenges you might have previously avoided or failed to overcome." - Nelson Sivalingam, HowNow CEO

So, what makes HowNow AI different?

Tackle Your Skill Challenges Head-On

The most challenging work is often the most impactful - like mapping and measuring skills.

With HowNow AI, you can tackle your skills strategy at the three most important and difficult points:

  1. Identifying the skills you need.
  2. Understanding the skills you have
  3. And bridging the gaps.

Our proprietary Skills Framework, built from over 30,000 unique skills, gives you a dynamic taxonomy to map every role in your organisation. 

Benchmark your team's skill levels, and use AI-powered insights to create tailored learning pathways that address your most crucial skill gaps.

No more guesswork - HowNow AI gives you the data-driven approach to make a real difference.

HowNow AI's Skills Mapping uses both a proprietary Skills Framework created by HowNow, and a customers' prompt to tailor requires Skills and Target Levels for each skill.

Learning That Sticks to Skills

More content isn’t the answer to your L&D challenges!

The true test is whether that learning sticks and translates into tangible skills growth.

HowNow AI solves this challenge by directly aligning your learning resources - from internal experts to third-party content - to the skills your organisation needs to build. 

No more hunting through catalogues or guessing what will be relevant; HowNow AI curates the perfect learning experience for each individual.

Plus, with flexible integrations that replace outdated systems, HowNow AI ensures your learning always speaks the same "skills language" across your entire organisation.

Target Skills Gaps With Precision

The biggest challenge in L&D is ensuring every employee gets the support they need to grow and develop. 

It's a daunting task, but one that HowNow AI is uniquely equipped to handle.

Using advanced AI and data analysis, HowNow maps precise skill targets for every role and creates personalised learning pathways to help each person build towards mastery. 

This isn’t one-size-fits-all - this is learning tailored to the unique needs of your people.

HowNow AI dynamically curates content from inside and outside your organisation, taking the pain out of creating those personalised journeys. It's L&D at its most efficient and effective.

HowNow AI's Smart Pathways let you create open prompts as guardrails, set Skill targets and refine your learning content sources - for targeted, precise learning journeys.

Ready to Conquer Your Biggest Challenges?

In the words of HowNow CEO, Nelson: "HowNow AI is about sweating the big stuff, taking on the hard challenges, and turning the L&D underdogs into champions."

Book a demo today, and let's start conquering those challenges together.