Want to make your organisation one where learning's a priority? Read these 5 tips. We've tackled how you can share, create and build knowledge in your business.

January 30, 2020
June 26, 2023
Learning And Development

Often, introducing L&D into an organisation is about more than just providing the resources. To become an organisation that shares, creates and builds on knowledge effectively, it’s essential that companies invest in becoming a learning organsation.To help you understand how to create a learning organisation, we’ve put together the best ways to get the ball rolling.

Start At The Top

If you want to create an effective learning organisation, it’s essential that you start from the top. That means that the C-suite need to be on board, pushing for the organisation to keep expanding and growing.Most businesses miss out on the major opportunity for people to share knowledge within the organisation, opting to upskill people on an individual level instead. However, with the leadership promoting the shared learning culture, this should soon change. If the C-suite adopt the learning organisation model, this will create a trickle down effect.

Encourage Employees To Expand Their Understanding

Whilst giving your employees the best resources for online training can be of paramount importance to creating a learning organisation, arguably encouraging employees to use those resources is more important.

You can all of the resources in the world, but if your people don’t feel empowered and motivated to take control of their learning then very little will get done. Empowering employees to learn might mean starting a buddy system, allocating some time each week for learning, or scheduling monthly learning catch ups with a manager.

Each organisation will be different, but having systems that encourage employees to learn can make the world of difference.

Breakdown Silos

One of the biggest barriers to becoming a learning organisation is silos. The silos mentality is characterised by the the lack of knowledge sharing between teams and departments that leads to a fragmented organisation that struggles to work together effectively.Giving people the time and space to break down silos, by sharing news, organising cross-department meetings and socials and sharing knowledge is essential. Being open and flexible with education is essential to becoming a learning organisation.

Building A Shared Vision

Learning and developing in your career is an end in and of itself, however when that end is also part of a shared vision for your organisation things start to get turbo charged. Making sure that each individual understands their part in the shared goals, and how their efforts will help achieve the goals is essential to ensuring that people are motivated to learn.

Using an intelligent learning platform can help to direct employees to the kind of training and content that will help them upskill in the areas that suit the overall business goals. At the same time, it gives them the freedom to pursue the topics that genuinely interest them and access real time suggestions that keep them engaged.

Adopt A Lifelong learning Approach

On an individual level, it’s essential that people are encouraged to adopt a lifelong learning approach. This literally does what it says on the tin, and encourages people to value continuous growth.Effective learning organisations don’t accept a stagnant approach to learning, as they understand that the knowledge needed will be changing and adapting all the time.

In this sense, it’s essential for the individual to commit to keeping up training as the needs of the business evolve and adopting a constant learning approach.