Podcast | Supporting Employees to Become Autonomous Learners with Sara Frasi

December 21, 2021
June 26, 2023

In this episode of L&D Disrupt we’re joined by Sara Frasi, Senior People Partner L&D at Native Instruments. Throughout this conversation we explore a really important and exciting part of L&D; supporting employees to become autonomous learners. The episode provides practical advice on supporting employees to learn independently, featuring a brilliant segment on guiding managers to have productive and meaningful development conversations. Scroll down for our key learning!

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Running Order

01:23 The importance of a bottom up approach

03:14 Changing mindsets within an organisation

05:00 Getting employees to look at L&D in a different way

06:31 A good manager conversation blueprint

07:43 How can we get managers more involved?

09:58 Empowering employees to become autonomous learners

11:42 Choosing learning budgets

14:41 Defining and measuring ROI

17:58 Creating a culture of learning

21:06 Curating content

23:00 Time blocking: does it work?

25:30 Quickfire round

Key learning

How can we support our managers in facilitating meaningful conversations that promote autonomous learning? Sara says it’s important to help managers look beyond employee performance and to think strategically about the types of skills they should focus on developing. Being able to give employees time for reflection and the opportunity to work things out for themselves is also incredibly meaningful and much more beneficial than handing all the answers over on a plate.

In Sara’s opinion, L&D should work in partnership with managers and proactively help to solve any problems they’re facing, switching the focus from ‘what training do you need?’ to ‘what are you trying to achieve?’.

Creating some guidelines for managers which go beyond being a set of rules and instead include materials and practical suggestions can also guide the conversation in the right direction.Click here for more important skills your teams should develop in 2022.