Podcast | Scaling L&D in High Growth Organisations with Deb Gallo

December 14, 2021
June 26, 2023

Deb Gallo, Learning & Development Director at SentinelOne, joins us on this episode of L&D Disrupt to discuss the highlights and challenges of scaling L&D in a high growth organisation.

Deb shares fantastic advice on a wide range of topics, from managing the changing requirements of a fast-growing business, to bringing a company culture to life. The episode is packed with expert insight that you certainly don’t want to miss, so scroll down to watch or listen.

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Running Order

01:18 When should you make your first L&D hire?

03:29 The pros and cons of implementing L&D in different sized businesses

06:24 How do you work out what the business needs?

07:34 Pre-empting the changing requirements of a fast-growing business

09:15 Minimum Viable Product mindset

11:58 Walking the walk in L&D

12:54 How do you know if your solution is working?

15:12 Delivering learning in a hybrid setting

21:10 When does it make sense to create rather than curate content?

22:55 L&D’s role in scaling culture

26:32 Quickfire round

Key learning

I’m new in my role and need to work out what the priorities are for the business - where do I start and how do I begin scaling L&D?Deb recommends dedicating a lot of time to talking to a lot of people - in fact she spent her first month in her current position talking, listening, getting to know the business and getting to know the leaders.

From these conversations Deb says you need to start making connections between the main themes and pain points that keep coming up, and then think about what kind of solutions can be put in place to help the business overcome these problems. You need to think about what will help the business move forward quickly, but Deb highlights the importance of not striving for perfection at this stage, as the solution just has to meet the team’s needs.

One of her golden rules is to not hold onto anything too tightly, as being flexible and able to pivot is key when scaling L&D in a high growth business. Your solutions will change and evolve along with the needs of your company, but Deb recommends building solid relationships and connections to help you to stay in the loop and react quickly and insightfully.Want to understand more about the behaviours and benefits of a learning organisation? Click here!