Podcast | Creating and Scaling a Progressive Company Culture with Tina Phillips

November 24, 2021
June 26, 2023

Creating a progressive company culture is a challenge in itself, but once you’ve nailed this, how do you then effectively scale it within a high-paced organisation that’s rapidly growing? Luckily, we have Tina Phillips, VP of People, Talent & Culture at INSHUR, joining us on this episode to offer some insight. Tina has a truly impressive wealth of experience to share – from training hiring managers to acknowledge their unconscious bias, to creating a culture where everyone feels safe enough to give and receive feedback – if company culture is your thing this one’s for you. Read on for some of our key takeaways from the session…

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Running Order

0:00 Introduction to this week’s episode

1:57 Unique challenges around scaling cultures in high-growth organisations

4:09 The benefits of hiring slow

6:54 Training interviewers to be aware of unconscious biases

12:43 How do you change people’s mindset around bias and bring them on that journey with you?

15:36 Successfully communicating the company culture

19:34 The leaders in a business aren’t acting in line with the company culture – what now?

24:46 Creating a culture where everyone feels safe enough to give and receive feedback

29:18 Quickfire round

Key learning

Growing fast? Then you might want to hire slow.

Tina highlights the value of going slow to go fast when scaling a progressive company culture. This is especially relevant for high growth companies where employees are often too busy to onboard new people, communicate the company culture, and create environments for success. If you rush to hire a lot of people quickly but have a poor onboarding experience in place, then all the time you’ve taken to hire those people is wasted. Adopting a measured and thoughtful approach to hiring will mean that you make less mistakes, and even if it takes longer, this is much more beneficial in the long run.

Interview processes can never be completely foolproof, but there are certain things you can do in order to eliminate bias, create a more successful hiring process, and ultimately find the right people for the position. Tina advocates mandatory interview training and a structured interview approach to make the process as tight as possible so that there’s no opportunity for bias to creep in.