Podcast | The Essential Components of Impactful Learning with Emma Lloyd

March 22, 2022
June 26, 2023

Would you bother delivering a learning experience to employees if you knew it would have absolutely no impact? We can bet your answer to that question is no!

But how many of us in L&D are actually taking the time to ensure our initiatives will deliver impact before rolling them out?

In this episode we’re joined by Emma Lloyd, Experience Director at Create the Ripple, to cover the essential components you need to create impactful learning experiences that truly make a difference.

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Running Order

01:29 Why you should care about impactful learning!

06:58 Effectively understanding learning needs

10:14 Getting learners to ‘lean in’

12:27 How you can create memorable experiences

17:01 How much time does it take to get it right?

19:27 Following up to drive more impact

22:56 Taking an iterative approach to get it right

25:20 Measuring the ROI of ‘human’ skills

28:48 What can you do to support the before and after of learning experiences?

33:19 Quickfire Round

Key learnings

How can we create truly memorable learning experiences?

Emma highlights the importance of making sure your learning experiences kick off with a great first impression – whether learners are joining virtually or walking into a classroom, the first things they see and experience will have a huge impact on how they feel about the session.

In a virtual setting, prioritise creating space to enable the learning – making sure people can connect, laugh, listen and have some fun! You can even send personalised envelopes or packs in the post to guide a virtual session, or secret emails for certain breakout groups. These special kind of activities help people to feel like they are really part of that learning tribe, and will be so much more memorable than run of the mill sessions.

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