Podcast | Harnessing the Power of Knowledge Sharing with Lavinia Mehedințu

November 30, 2021
June 26, 2023

Lavinia Mehedințu, Learning & Development Content Curator at Offbeat, is our podcast guest this week. There’s no doubt about it, Lavinia has a genuine passion for learning, and her enthusiasm in this episode is bound to rub off on you.

This episode will help you level up the knowledge sharing within your organisation, and features some great advice on how to make your curated content more relevant than ever before. Scroll down for our key takeaways from this conversation, and listen below.

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Running Order

0:00 Introduction to this week’s episode

01:58 Why content curation - how did it all begin?

04:11 Using analytics to shape content curation

06:23 What L&D can learn from other fields

07:40 Putting the focus on our user’s needs

10:19 The unrealistic expectations faced by L&D teams

12:31 Building an L&D community

14:09 Fostering a collaborative environment

16:55 Lavinia’s 3 personal learnings from building an L&D community

18:34 How L&D can use behavioral science to influence work

21:39 The future of Offbeat

22:25 Quickfire round

Key learning

Knowledge sharing sounds great, but how do I foster a collaborative environment if it isn’t there right now? With people spending an average of 65.2% of time working from home and 34.8% in an office, the way we collaborate has to sync up with hybrid ways of working! To kick off this process, Lavinia advises setting context to establish what everyone knows and how they can help each other.

This sets the tone for what kind of outcomes can be expected and acts as a rough guide for team members who might still be feeling like they want to seek permission before sharing information. The next step is to create a space for the content sharing to happen - this can be a digital space or a live space - whichever works best for your working environment.

Lavinia highlights the importance of putting the emphasis on sharing rather than just listening, and also suggests reverse mentorship to remove feelings of hierarchy and promote knowledge sharing across all roles.