Podcast | Building A Learning Mindset – Toby Newman

May 5, 2021
June 26, 2023

Why do so many organisations find it so difficult to establish and build their desired mindset? In Toby Newman’s opinion, they’ve not broken it down into relevant terms for their people or teams and they’re not always putting in the hours.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can democratise learning, handle impostor syndrome, feel like your true self or build the right relationships with your team, this is the episode for you. Why? Because they all relate to your mindset, and Toby’s an expert in learning mindsets and so much more.

Toby Newman is the L&D Manager at Here Technologies, the mind behind The Neverending Learner website and YouTube channel, a TEDx speaker and so much more.

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Running Order

0:00 > Introduction
2:20 > Establishing what a mindset is and why it’s a challenge for organisations.
6:44 > Why does L&D exist in most organisations?
9:44 > What mindset is required to deliver L&D effectively?
15:17 > Working out your current mindset and if it’s a learning one?
21:31 > Driving a behaviour of sharing learning and knowledge.
25:20 > Dealing with impostor syndrome as individuals and organisations.
28:48 > Practical ways of creating psychological safety.
36:42 > Should you add colleagues on social media or socialise with them?
41:23 > Work-life balance, blending the boundaries and re-thinking flexibility.
44:25 > What can leaders do today to nurture that mindset?
48:00  > Quickfire questions.

Four tips and lessons on building that learning mindset

Is there such a thing as culture?

Or is it that individuals create and build the right mindsets and come together to form an effective flock of mindsets that work together? People often send out communications and videos around what they want, see a bit of behaviour change in individuals and presume they’ve got a culture.

But habit changing and building take time, which then shapes that winning mentality. Hence that idea of the 10,000 hours mentality. Companies tend not to break down what the right mindset and culture mean for people and teams or consider how they’ll do it over a period of time.

What mindset is required to deliver L&D effectively?

A just cause, because you’ve got to have something you believe in and drive towards in L&D. Psychological safety also plays its part because people need to be able to bring their true self to the team and feel like they won’t be shouted down or discredited.

But the actual mindset starts with self-awareness, you need to practice and carry out exercises that help you. People talk about growth mindset but that’s for the individual, a learning mindset says you’re part of a wider ecosystem where you need to grow. When you learn collaboratively and talk about something you’re more likely to remember it. And when you have a learning mindset you get an innovation mindset too, helping you keep ahead of the curve.

Working out if you have a learning mindset

How much are people sharing on whatever internal communications platform you’re using? Not the official company comms but the informal moments where people are saying ‘I learnt this’ and share it with other people. Innovation is a good measure and so is gaining an understanding from management on sentiment around giving feedback or how many brainstorming sessions there have been.

Dealing with impostor syndrome

Talk about it, in the same way you would raise concerns about mental health and talk about how you feel. You as an individual need to recognise it and be conscious of it, take classes or talk to peers. Maybe look at the positives and what you do have or what you’re great at, managers can help by encouraging people to share what they’re good at and knowledgeable with.

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