Podcast | Applying Marketing to L&D with Hannah Waddams

February 24, 2022
June 26, 2023

Picture this – you’ve spent weeks crafting an unforgettable learning experience, finally engaging employees in an exciting way and making a real difference to the L&D strategy within your company. The day arrives. You launch it, you wait, you wait some more… and nothing happens.

You were sure this would be a massive success – and maybe it WOULD be – if anyone actually knew about it! In this episode of L&D Disrupt we’re joined by Hannah Waddams, Marketing Director at MAAS Marketing, who explains how and why you should be applying marketing to L&D to create that necessary awareness!

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Running Order

00:00 Intro to Applying Marketing to L&D

01:37 Have you got a marketing problem?

03:48 How you can start flexing your marketing muscle

05:44 Uncovering the identities of your ‘learners’

07:17 Defining your learning brand

10:20 Personalising your comms with learning personas

13:11 Channels you can leverage to reach employees

18:10 Influencer marketing for L&D

22:15 Successful tactics you can try

24:52 How you should measure impact

27:47 The Marketing for Learning podcast

28:31 Quickfire round

Key learnings

How can I separate my ‘learning brand’ from the company brand?

As Hannah explains, your company brand has been designed specifically to appeal to your target audience. Your learners, however, probably don’t fit into this demographic, which means you’ll need to create your learning brand with a new audience in mind!

It’s still a great idea to keep a feeling of familiarity by including a nod to your master brand in terms of colours or fonts, but your tone of voice should be totally different and entirely reflective of your audience. In Hannah’s experience, most learning brands have success by ditching the corporate spiel and coming across in a much less restrictive way! Remember, your branding experience is so much more than just colours and logos, it’s every single interaction that an employee has with your learning brand.

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