Our new and improved HowNow Dashboard is here

May 25, 2022
June 26, 2023
Product Updates

If good things come in threes, great things must come in fours! Because we’ve completed redesigned the HowNow Dashboard through four big tweaks that’ll make managing L&D even easier and more effective for our customers.

And once you’ve had a makeover, you just can’t help show it all off! So, here’s how our new  Dashboard makes getting the insights you need to build incredible learning outcomes a smoother, slicker process.

Introducing User Roles

Contributors now have the responsibility for owning the content they create. Managing bookings, Verifying content, marking Assessments and editing are all down to the Contributor and any of their collaborators.

This empowers them to be the Subject Matter Experts they are and share wisdom with their teammates.

HowNow Dashboard User Roles feature

Get a complete view of learning through detailed reporting

Being able to track and measure all your learning in one place gives you consistent insights in a matter of clicks. But making your data work for you doesn’t stop there!

That’s why we’ve added the ability to use multiple filters and column selectors as you report in real-time. By sorting data types and customising your default view, you can build relevant reports and gain the insights you need, when you need them.

HowNow Dashboard Filters

Build custom reports quickly and export them just as fast

As you’ll see below, our filters are there to help you build custom reports in a hassle-free and speedy way. For those moments where you need to share updates with leadership or present findings to key stakeholders.

HowNow Dashboard Reporting Features

Keep tabs on your works of art using the Content tab

Finding your content masterpieces shouldn’t leave you feeling like a tortured artist! Our Content tab organises everything you’ve created in one central place. Any works in progress will stay in your Studio until they’re ready for the eyes of the world.