HowNow, Your One Home For Learning And Skills

Gary Stringer
April 15, 2024
April 15, 2024
Product Updates

😤 My resources are scattered. 

🤦 Our skills are hard to track and manage. 

😬 We can’t create all the content we need.

Enough is enough! We’ve heard these too many times and it’s time things changed.

It’s why we’re making HowNow your one home for learning and skills.

Are you ready to create, discover, track and manage all of your learning and skills under one roof?

Good! Here are six ways we’re making learning feel like home...

1. We’re the front door to your learning

Bring all your scattered learning into a single, searchable platform in HowNow.

From your internal content that’s created by experts to course libraries and shared drives, our Unified Search brings everything together in one central place.

Now your employees can find the information they need, when they need it most, and when it can influence performance.

“One of the things we love about HowNow’s platform at DT consulting is that it has the integrated search that pulls everything together and just has that seamless user experience,” Danielle Dziurun, Learning & Development Manager, DT Consulting

2. Content for every need, under one roof

People don’t want lots of learning content, they want the right content!

HowNow+ offers more than 9,000 learning resources - carefully curated from the providers you trust and specialists in their space - in one single subscription.

We also curate learning resources from informal sources across the web: podcasts, blog posts, webinars, newsletter and youtube channels.

“As an L&D team of one, HowNow+ prevents me from spending lots of time trying to put together lots of content. And we have 5,000+ courses available to us.” - Jack Burge, Learning And Development Partner, FitFlop.

3. Create a skills blueprint for your organisation

Our powerful AI-driven Skills Framework lets you map skills to every single job role in your organisation with precision. 

HowNow AI also sets target skill levels against industry benchmarks, allowing you to focus your energy into the work that matters.

And our AI-Powered Pathways address your most critical skills gaps, using AI to take the pain out of content curation by setting learning objectives, Skill targets and refining your content sources

“HowNow has really provided us with the tools and resources that allow us to effectively curate learning pathways around that skills architecture and different skills gaps.” - Kayshia Kruger, Director of Organisation Development, ORC.

4. Cook up a storm in our content kitchen

Whether it’s hosting live workshops, creating courses or creating pathways, HowNow is where you create like a boss.

And your internal experts can too, using Nuggets to capture all their knowledge that’s specific to your business.

“HowNow is so user-friendly, especially when it comes to the creation of content. My learners also find it so easy to learn within HowNow.” - Holly Flickinger, Head of Learning and Development, Ardoq.

5. Learn in the flow of work

People are most motivated to learn in their moments of need, and HowNow helps you deliver learning in those moments and in the tools people use every day.

Whether it’s through our integrations with tools like Slack and Teams or our Browser Extension, our customers love bringing learning to the flow of work.


“We’ve focused on building the habits of learning so that it becomes an everyday activity. Making sure any learning is accessible at their point of need, we’re integrating HowNow into tools like Microsoft Teams and other collaboration tools.” - Henry Litchfield, Head of Talent and Learning, Lucid Group.

6. All your L&D data in one place

Say goodbye to report-running fatigue and hello to our one-stop shop for all your L&D data needs.

Create meaningful reports in clicks using HowNow reporting and make data-driven decisions about people’s development. 

From keeping track of compliance to mapping and measuring skills, HowNow really is all your L&D data in one place.

“We needed somewhere to have a central home for all the learning content that was being created at pace and we wanted to support modernised learning… where learning is integrated and at the point of need - we knew HowNow would be the perfect platform.” - Harriet Perks, London Academy And Onboarding Lead, AND Digital.

Ready to bring all your learning and skills under one roof?

Book a demo today and see how HowNow helps you create, discover, track and manage all of your learning and skills in one beautifully smart platform.