Here's the inside scoop on what it's like when you sign up with HowNow! We talk you through the benefits and perks of our onboarding process. Read it here.

July 10, 2020
June 26, 2023
Product Updates

When you sign up with HowNow, get ready for a wave of enthusiasm! We want you and your people to start benefiting from our features from day one, and we’re not afraid to show it. But exactly how quickly can you connect employees with the resources they need to develop skills and perform roles better?

What features will be most helpful during your onboarding with us? And how quickly will you be able to get up to full speed with the platform?It’s natural to have questions, and we’ll try to clear them up with this insight into your early days as a HowNow user.

Life as an Admin: what benefits and features are available as you onboard?

Supercharge your internal communications - it’s no exaggeration to say that you can do this from your first login! HowNow enables you to display all your updates and messages in one place — imagine an intranet or noticeboard with an engaging makeover.

HowNow Top Picks feature

You can create a one-stop-shop for your internal communications from day one. If you’ve got a huge announcement, set it as a Top Pick and it will be the first thing people see when they log in. When there’s an event coming up, you can make that visible in a panel next to your Top Pick and staff can book their place right there. Set up a newsletter Channel that's just a scroll away and cut back on the inbox clutter.

Efficient event management - arranging training sessions and webinars can be stressful, but can you really deliver the best events if you’re not feeling zen? Think of HowNow as your stick of incense and soothing music. We want as much of the process as possible to be achieved in our platform. Create your Events and auto-enrol the right people all in the same place, schedule Live Classes and face-to-face training without leaving HowNow, and integrate with your calendar or email system to ensure those invites arrive seamlessly.

Learning pathways and talent management - this is the one thing you shouldn’t go diving into headfirst! Not until you’ve understood the current talents in your team and where the skill gap exists. View and assess your current skills and benchmark them against live job roles to understand which in-demand traits you need to develop.

Now you’re ready to create personalised Learning Pathways that develop your staff and close the skill gaps. If your internal resources aren’t ready on day one, you can still access high-quality third-party content that’s curated by us.

You’ll also start saving knowledge, articles and even replies to your messages as HowNow Nuggets that everybody can easily find. Your shared knowledge journey is just waiting to begin...Onboarding the smart, structured way - you can’t underestimate the importance of an enjoyable and productive onboarding experience, and that’s why you need a platform that helps you welcome and train new joiners effectively. Automate content delivery to new joiners to ensure they receive the resources they need from their first day in HowNow and create learner-assigned rules that stagger its delivery.

This also gives you a tangible way of measuring their progress, while providing gentle reminders of when they’re due to complete a certain part of their onboarding course.

HowNow intelligent learning platform

Compliance training: must do’s made easy - You need to stay firmly on top of who’s compliant, and HowNow’s analytics make it crystal clear who has and hasn’t completed the training. You can automate resource delivery as the deadline is approaching and, again, those notifications come into their own—they’re definitely better than a nagging email!

Manage learning budgets and requests - we’ll help you banish the nightmares of updating your budgeting spreadsheets, by giving you a more flexible and automated approach to managing your learning spend. For example, employees can make requests directly through the HowNow Extension if they come across an Amazon book or Eventbrite webinar they think will help them grow.

Life as an end-user: the intelligent learning experience you deserve

Learn socially and share knowledge - from the moment you log in to HowNow, you can start sharing wisdom with your colleagues and learning from the experts in your teams. You can save literally anything you find useful as a knowledge Nugget in HowNow, which you can make available to everyone or share with specific teams and roles.

Find resources where you already work - if you add our Chrome Extension to your browser, we’ll recommend relevant content to you as search in Google and across the internet. The same principle applies to the apps and platforms you use day in and day out—as HowNow integrates with Slack, Zoom, Outlook and so many more systems.

Learning in the flow of work with the HowNow browser extension

You’ll never have to leave your favourite apps to find knowledge again.

Choose what you learn - the fact that all your best internal resources and great content from the likes of LinkedIn Learning and Udemy are searchable from day one puts you in control of your development. Yes, you’ll still get materials and courses assigned to you, but otherwise, you’re in charge of your everyday learning.

Develop anywhere, anytime - if you’re appy, we’re happy—because that means you’re able to download your courses on the HowNow mobile app and learn everywhere you go.

Would you prefer to see these HowNow features in action?

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