Integrate with Slack and never look back

July 24, 2020
June 26, 2023

Slack is where work happens, so you shouldn’t have to leave it to find, share and save knowledge!

What normally happens when someone sends you a handy Slack message that you know you’re going to need later? Are you a make a note and hope you’ll find it again kind of person, a message history scroller or one of those day disrupters that has no problem just asking again?

It’s a hard truth, but you shouldn’t be doing any of these! You should be using our Slack integration to save useful knowledge the moment you get it. Here’s how and why…

Capture useful knowledge in the flow of conversation

Useful knowledge is shared in Slack every day, but it’s often washed downstream by those fast-flowing messages before you get a chance to process and save it.

HowNow will help you build a knowledge dam, by capturing and sharing information in the flow of work. Just use the simple Slack action of ‘Create Nugget’ in HowNow and you’ll never have to ask the same question again.

Search for knowledge in Slack

If people can find the answers they need in Slack, there’ll be no need to tap on a colleague’s shoulder or interrupt their workflow with a repeat question. This is how you build a search-first culture! Empowered employees finding and sharing knowledge without leaving Slack, now that’s productive.

It’s as simple as typing /hownow followed by whatever you’re looking for, and you’ll see HowNow results that you can view and share in your Slack channel.  

Notifications for new learning and recently-captured knowledge

Whether you’ve been added to a learning path to becoming a Manager or the learning request you put in has been approved, you can get all your notifications in Slack.

It’s just another way of making sure you flow of work actually flows, and that means notifications without leaving the platforms you’re using.

New to HowNow? Nice to meet you! If you’re ready to Slack to the future of learning and development, or you just have a few questions about your new favourite learning platform, you can get in touch with us here.