Why We Wind-Down At 2 PM Every Friday

May 5, 2023
June 26, 2023
Team HowNow

✋ Hands up if Friday afternoon isn’t your most productive time of the week?

Whether it’s the classic “no point starting anything new now” or giving something the “perfect for a Friday afternoon” label because it’s not really that important, companies all over the world struggle with that post-lunch winding down the clock.

So. What if we gave Friday afternoons back to people?

Offering more time to do things that matter to them.

🚀 We’ve been doing just that at HowNow since May 2022, and let us tell you, it’s gone down rather well indeed…

How do Wind-Down Fridays work at HowNow?

At 2 PM, we wrap up! Offering people the chance to wind down for the weekend and support their health, happiness and work-life balance.

In the words of our CEO, Nelson Sivalingam, when we launched the idea:

“Use this time as you please. Start the weekend early, get chores out of the way, learn something new, spend more time with family and friends, chill and do nothing – whatever you choose, use that time to do something that makes you feel good.”

How do HowNowers use their Wind-Down Fridays?

We’ve heard almost everything at this point. From getting back into bed to jumping on a plane for the weekend – that’s the whole point really.

Our team has the extra freedom to do things that matter or they need to get done that week, no matter how simple or extravagant that seems.

Sujata Wind-Down Fridays

“I find it so easy to get lost in my work. My calendar is constantly busy with internal and external meetings, accompanied by my ever growing to-do list.

“Wind-Down Fridays are a reminder that life outside of work is what really matters. I personally spend my Fridays afternoons with my family. Quality time with my parents is something I don’t take for granted (here is a photo of me treating my mum to lunch!).

“Others use their wind down Fridays to see friends, practice hobbies or focus on their own wellbeing. The great thing is that you have the flexibility to do whatever you like!”, Sujata Luchmun, Implementation Associate.

The process: Testing, getting feedback, and rolling it out for good

In a nutshell, we tried it out for four months, asked the team for their thoughts, and decided to roll it out on a permanent basis.

Did Wind-Down Fridays help you find a better work-life balance


  • The team loved the freedom to choose how they spend their Friday afternoons, whether that’s for deep work without distraction, doing some life admin or catching up with friends and family.
  • The majority of the team felt more productive because they were motivated to complete tasks across the rest of the week OR had a deep focus block. Plus, plenty of us felt more rested heading into the new week.
  • People felt their wellbeing was valued and described Wind-Down Fridays as an attractive perk.
Did Wind-Down Fridays help you feel more satisfied at work?

And finally, we also heard the people who felt they had too much on their plate to truly benefit from it and spent time tackling that together.

If finishing at 2 PM (and spending the rest of your week with a great team) sounds right up your street, check out our current vacancies.