Meet HowNow+ The best learning content, one single subscription

May 3, 2022
June 26, 2023
Product Updates

Stop us if either of these situations sound familiar:

  • You sign up to a content library, only for your employees to get overwhelmed by choice, and you’re suddenly lost in a sea of unused licences.
  • You try to buy specific content from individual providers each time there’s a business problem to solve, only to find yourself equally overwhelmed by the time and effort that takes.

These pain points pop up in our conversations with learning and development pros all the time! And that’s why we’re excited to announce HowNow+ All the best learning content, from handpicked providers, in one single subscription.

What’s HowNow+ and how will it help me drive learning?

HowNow+ brings learning content for more than 10 business-critical topics into one single platform and subscription! Handpicked resources, from handpicked providers, giving L&D teams and learners more engaging experiences.

Improve efficiency for L&D teams and leaders

If you’re growing at speed, it’s simply not sustainable to create content for every business problem. And it’s equally unsustainable to continue sourcing individual resources and courses from specialist providers!From managing multiple invoices and relationships to importing files in different formats and managing that manually, it all ends in extra admin for L&D teams. Not to mention the struggle of scattered data and trying to report across different platforms.That’s why most L&D teams end up at the door of content libraries, but that brings a problem of its own…

End decision fatigue for already-overwhelmed employees

People don’t want loads of content, they just want useful, helpful, impactful content! Resources that help them build relevant skills OR solve the problems they’re facing right now.And let’s face it, we’re already facing decision fatigue throughout our busy days. So we don’t really want the task of sifting through tens of thousands of courses on a content library. It doesn’t help the problem at all! It makes it worse.That’s probably why almost 70% of educational software product licenses go unused! Sometimes there’s a strong start, but when someone has struggled to find anything helpful a few times, their enthusiasm fizzles out.🎉 Enter HowNow+ 🥳HowNow+ is the home of that high-quality, relevant content that helps you solve real business challenges. Our resources are handpicked, from the best-in-class providers, covering more than 10 business-critical topics, ensuring your efforts make an impact - without unnecessary effort or overwhelmed employees!

HowNow+ The best learning content, one single subscription

How does it work? (And how can I sign up!)

When you sign up to HowNow+, there’s no more manually sourcing and importing content in different formats. Everything’s available in one place and organised based on HowNow’s native skills framework. Which means content consistency! Consistency in reporting, consistency in format, and consistency in how and where you find it.And the good news? We’re not just dumping all of this content on you! Once you’ve signed up to this single, simple subscription, our Customer Success Team works with you to understand your challenges and curate content that solves them.Not only that, HowNow+ customers also get access to all the web’s best articles, blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos! Curated by HowNow and continuously updated over time, ensuring you never run out of fresh, relevant content.If you’re interested in learning more about HowNow+, please fill in 👉 this short form, and we’ll be in touch!

Who are your content partners?

HowNow works with a diverse range of handpicked providers from all over the world! Yes, some of them work in similar spaces, but we work with them because they provide different formats, styles and twists on that content. Variety isn’t just the spice of life, it’s the zest of learning too.We’re currently working with the below providers. If you’re interested in HowNow+ and becoming a content partner, please contact Gloria Reina Sillero, Content Partnership Manager:

  • Simon Sez IT
  • Stone River
  • MeLearning
  • AwareGo
  • School of Marketing
  • Upskillist
  • HSI
  • Enspark
  • Skilla
  • Mindscaling
  • Talentquest
  • Flick Learning
  • Mind Channel
  • Service Skills
  • Bigger Brains
  • PinkTum
  • E-Courses4 You
  • Assemble You
  • Pronto Spanish
  • ThinkBiscuit
"I am super excited to be launching HowNow + to our current and future customers. It’s a pleasure to work alongside amazing learning content providers to offer a curated product that will truly help L&D teams and employees. “HowNow + has been designed to offer you the best handpicked content within one single subscription and I am sure this is the tool that will help your organisation thrive."

Gloria Reina Sillero, Content Partnership Manager