HowNow Is Flexified! The Full Scoop From Our Employee Survey On Flexible Working

May 5, 2023
June 26, 2023
Team HowNow

As L&D specialists (and good humans in general), we don’t need any reminders that flexible working can have a life-changing impact.

Valuable time with your loved ones, time spent exercising instead of commuting, starting your day with a clear mind, rather than a cluttered tube.

It’s no surprise that Flexible working is the number one employee demand, with 92% wanting to work more flexibly.

For Team HowNow, the thought of travelling to the office five days per week sends shivers down our spines – we’re happy to leave that as a pre-pandemic relic.

And as a company guided by people-centric values, Flexa was of real interest to us.  

We wanted to make sure that we were walking the walk, not just talking the talk, and that our employees felt our working environment was as flexible as we thought it was.

What did it take to get Flexified?

We submitted our flexible working options to Flexa and this was verified by our employees using a completely anonymous survey. Everyone was required to rate six key indicators: location, hours, role modelling, benefits, work-life, and autonomy.

Then, the results were in… *drumroll* 🥁  we scored an overall Flexa score of 78% 🙌🏽

A breakdown of HowNow's 78% Flexa Score

With a minimum of 50% required to become Flexa verified, we’re pretty chuffed with our results. And it’s pleasing to see the work we put into building a great working environment has been recognised by our employees 🚀

“Work-life” (82%) was our top indicator, closely followed by “autonomy” (81%). Our remote working options, flexible working hours, and Wind-Down Fridays played a big part in this!

And, as a recently-funded scale-up, we like to give our employees the opportunity to showcase their skills, find solutions to challenges by taking responsibility, and develop their careers with us.

An example of the feedback was:

“Since I joined HowNow I have felt autonomous and independent to create processes, implement new ideas and manage my workload. This along with the right support from my manager has enabled me to thrive during my time in the company.” – Anonymous HowNow Employee.

To promote transparency and show what it’s really like to work here, we’re happy to show the anonymous feedback from the team! So, to anyone interested in joining us – nothing to hide here!

So, what’s next on the flexible working front?

As with everything we do, we still want to keep improving (watch out Flexa 100 awards, we’re coming for the top spot).

We’ve already seen how people want to work, and the benefits employees want are constantly changing. And surveying our employees has also got the wheels moving for collecting feedback more frequently, so we can continue to make improvements to our processes and culture.

Feedback’s only useful if you act on it, and we’ve already begun rolling out new benefits!

We’ve partnered with OnHand, a volunteering and climate impact platform, as well as identifying office spaces that suit what our team needs to collaborate effectively.

Watch this space – there’s plenty more to come!

You can check out our Flexa page, and our careers site if you’re interested in joining us!