How AI-based learning platforms drive personalisation and development

September 4, 2020
June 26, 2023
Learning And Development

Artificial intelligence (AI) is so ingrained into our daily lives now that we rarely notice when it’s giving us a nudge in the right direction. When you’re texting a friend, you’ll receive suggestions on finishing your sentences, and if you’re browsing through streaming services, there’ll be recommendations based on your previous viewing or listening habits.

Learning experiences should be equally personal and intelligent, right? Not all platforms and systems tap into the full potential of AI when it comes to learning, but those that do deliver a number of benefits to those seeking useful recommendations, personalisation and intelligent development.

Six ways AI-based platforms deliver better learning experiences

Recommended content based on preferences

It’s as simple as selecting the topics you’re interested in and the skills you’d like to develop, whether they’re based on personal curiosity or the learner’s agreed pathway. Once you’ve done that, you’ll start to receive related content that’s been added by your team and from high-quality third parties.

In HowNow, we use channels to deliver content on your areas of interest, you either choose to follow them or they’ll be assigned to you, and then you can find all those resources in one place.  

The more you use it, the better the recommendations

AI-based learning platforms are good listeners, so the more you use them the better the suggestions you’ll receive. It’s very similar to the way you use music and video streaming services, when you watch or listen to certain genres or creators then you receive more content related to those. In the learning world, this means you receive more of the resources you like from the content providers that give you the most value.

Dynamic content curation

The snag is that you don’t want to find all that content for yourself, and that’s where you can lean on your learning platform’s AI. In HowNow, just tell us your preferred content providers – whether they’re blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts or anything else – and we’ll automatically search and curate content from them. Of course, we’ll continue to search and recommend from other places, it’s just that your preferences become our priority.

Integration with the platforms you already use

It’s no good having all that personalised content but only being able to find it in your learning platform, that’s why you need to find one that integrates with the apps your learners use day in day out. This means that learners can find valuable AI-powered content everywhere, which provides…

Real-time answers in the flow of work

Learning and finding answers in the moments that you need them creates a personalised learning experience and more effective employees. Having immediate access to knowledge is particularly useful for customer-facing teams, but it’s also a vehicle to independence for those meeting deadlines or wanting to ask fewer questions to colleagues as they work.

Automated content delivery

Why should learners have all the fun? AI-based learning platforms also reduce the number of manual tasks that admins need to complete. We’ll help you automate content delivery based on your chosen criteria, such as when people joined your team or if they’ve completed certain courses and resources.

When it comes to AI-powered learning, nothing compares to seeing a smart platform in action. We’ll happily walk you through how it works, just tell us when! Complete this short form and we’ll get in touch to arrange a demo.