Why we’re donating to Room to Read this Christmas

December 17, 2020
June 26, 2023
Team HowNow

In normal years, we’d have probably sent a beautiful box of something sweet or favourite tipples to all the HowNow family before the calendar even flipped over to December! But 2020 is not a normal year, and sending those mouthwatering gifts is a logistical nightmare when most people aren’t working from their office.

So, we decided to do something different, and make a donation to Room to Read on behalf of each company using our platform.

Why a charitable donation?

In a year that’s been so challenging for so many, we know we’ve probably had it relatively easy. So, a small act of kindness and generosity seems the least we can do this Christmas. And watching so many 2020 curveballs being tackled by pulling together and showing compassion toward each other, a charitable donation feels so fitting this festive season.

What is Room to Read?

They aim to improve literacy and gender equality among children in low-income communities. A book itself goes a long way, but an entire bookshelf feels like your own mini-library that takes you even further.

So we’re thrilled to say that each donation we’re making will fill an entire bookshelf in someone’s home or community with local language books, ones that look like this ????

Local language books that HowNow is donating on client's behalf this Christmas.

Help us spread the word about Room to Read

One of the best things about books is recommending the ones you loved to somebody else. It’s also one of the most amazing things about good causes, why not do both?

As you’re unlikely to see too many people in person, the best way you can make a difference is by sharing a book recommendation and the link to Room to Read’s donation page on social media. Awareness, donations, they all help!

Here are a couple more pictures that explain what Room to Read do, because they paint a thousand words, after all.

Room to Read classroom donations