We’re launching a podcast! Meet 99 Problems But Work Ain’t One

March 23, 2021
June 26, 2023

Work’s changing, and it’s happening fast! The question is, are you changing quick enough to keep up? Well, we’re launching a podcast to help you get your skates on and zip ahead of the rest of the pack.

Each Wednesday, HowNow CEO and Co-Founder Nelson Sivalingam will be joined by industry leaders, disruptors, game changers and great minds who can help you prepare for the future of work. He’ll ask them the burning questions on your behalf, from scaling cultures to improving productivity and wellbeing – basically anything that helps you become a fast-learning, modern and agile company.

We’re launching on Wednesday, 31 March, but here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect in series one.

Where to subscribe

If you want to watch the episodes, head over and subscribe on our YouTube channel.

And if you prefer to listen to your podcasts, search on whichever app you normally use or click on one of the links below:

What to expect?

What’s the best thing about podcasts? Hearing two people talk passionately, about interesting topics, without sounding like a polished robot. What’s one of the typical problems in the world of work? There’s not enough easy-going conversations, where people switch off work mode and just talk like they’re grabbing a coffee with an old friend.

That’s where 99 Problems But Work Ain’t One comes in. We’ll serve up conversations that give you more of a buzz for work than any double shot anything could ever offer! Why? Because changing the way we work is hard enough without having to listen to a boring conversation about it first. Join us for great conversations with even greater people.