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Build Your Winning L&D Strategy!

We give learning and development teams the skills, confidence, and tools to build an impact-focused learning strategy without the Fluff!

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Struggling to drive Impact?

Like many Learning & Development teams...we bet you're:

  • Drowned in 'busy work' that didn't really move the needle
  • Finding it hard to get buy-in from executives on learning programs
  • Unsure of how learning is impacting the bottom line of the business
  • Struggling to consistently generate growth and skill development

Who the fluff is it for?

If you feel overwhelmed with all of the L&D content out there, we give you a tested approach that helps you drive impact.

Join the L&D pioneers  making an impact and  cutting the fluff!

A frustrated, red, fuzzy character using a laptop.

People Leaders

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Small L&D Teams

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Large L&D Teams

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What the Fluff Promise

When you join, we'll promise that you'll...

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Get the Playbook

Get the tried and tested playbook, which gives you the skills and confidence to drive impact within your organisation.
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Move at Your Own Pace

With our online self-paced model, you can make progress whenever you feel most productive.
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Learn by Doing

Get practical templates and tools to define and document your L&D strategy – putting principles into practice.
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But what’s actually in the course?

Great question! Here's what you'll find when you sign up:

Module 1: What The Fluff Is L&D Currently Getting Wrong?

Module 2: How The Fluff Do I Build An L&D Strategy?

Module 3: How The Fluff Do I Build Learning Experiences That Deliver Impact?

Module 4: How Do I Build An L&D Tech Stack That Cuts Fluff And Delivers Value?

Module 5: How The Fluff Do I Scale L&D And Close Skills Gaps?

Module 6: What The Fluff Does Useful Feedback Look Like?

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Meet Your Instructors

Nelson Sivalingam
CEO & Author of Learning at Speed
Nicole Flaherty
Senior Customer Success Manager
Gary Stringer
Host of L&D Disrupt
Pauline Taylor
Head of People

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