Hello, we’re HowNow.

We’re a team of food-lovers, film buffs, tech geeks, dancers, divers, book worms and lots more. We’re good at different things but that’s cool because we’re growing together.

We’re on a mission to make meaningful learning a part of
everyday work.

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Flashback to when Leo won his first Oscar, Pokemon GO was a thing and when we started HowNow. These three phenomenons are completely unconnected but they did happen in the same year.

The story of how we started HowNow isn’t
straight-forward enough to sum up into a few lines and we believe is movie-worthy (although we might be biased). If it ever got made, the log line for the movie would read: a group of unlikely heroes come together to embark on a mission to make meaningful learning a part of everyday work and defeat the clunky LMS.

‍The moral of the movie would be better learning builds a better world. Coming soon to a screen near you.

Meet the humans behind the tech.

They can try cloning our features, but they can’t clone our people.

Our seven core
values and behaviours.

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We are
customer obsessed.

Obsess over customer problems and strive to make them successful.

We do the right thing.

Be proactive, take ownership, get involved and make your actions count.

We grow together.

Empower, support, challenge, appreciate and care about each other.

We go
for it.

Be proactive, take ownership, get involved and make your actions count.

We enjoy the ride.

Have fun, give joy, practice gratitude, celebrate wins and laugh.

We include
every day.

Seek and embrace differences, be respectful and trust teammates by default.

We zig
when they zag.

Be curious, fearlessly experiment, learn from failures and raise the bar.

Company Benefits

Flexibility on where and when you work

Wind-down Fridays. No meetings from 2pm on Fridays, for you to wind down for the weekend

25 days holiday, plus bank holidays and your birthday day off

Give back to the community through volunteering with  OnHand, and an extra community day per year

Dog friendly offices

Your Development

Access to the very best learning platform out there (HowNow+) 

An annual learning and development budget of £500 (UK) or £200 (India)

Monthly all staff training sessions with a mixture of internal and external speakers

A Macbook and home-work equipment where required

Your Health and Wellbeing 

An enhanced Employee Pension Scheme (UK only)

12 weeks fully paid maternity leave (UK) and 26 weeks fully paid leave (India)

4 weeks of full-pay before and after your maternity leave whilst working 3 days a week

Private health insurance

An Employee Assistance Programme, providing you with well-being support via Health Assured

Cycle to Work scheme

Your Team

Monthly socials, including mini-golf, Hijingo, shuffleboarding, 5-a-side football and Badminton

Workcations. We try to get our Mumbai and UK teams together to brainstorm in person over a company retreat. We’ve previously met in Goa, Turkey, and Copenhagen

Active Jobs

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At HowNow, people are truly our greatest asset.

We’re committed to continually developing our perks and benefits to our people’s ever-changing needs.

In 2023, Work From Anywhere policies boomed, and so with our commitment to attracting and retaining best-in-class talent, we launched our Work From Anywhere (WFA) scheme.

Luis Goncalves and Gloria Reina, two HowNowers took advantage and shared their experiences with us.

HowNow’s Working Abroad Policy

We currently operate a hybrid working model at HowNow. Each week, our London team come to the office for two days and our Mumbai Team head in for three days.

With a diverse workforce we’re really proud of, it came as no surprise that they’d want to spend time working remotely to visit their friends and families, or just take time abroad to travel.  

Our Work From Anywhere policy allows HowNow employees for up to 40 working days per year within certain countries.

HowNow’s take on remote working is ensuring that we provide the opportunities for a good work-life balance, whilst also ensuring each individual can make an impact and thrive within their role. Wherever you’re doing this from is up to you - it’s about the results you generate, rather than the chair you’re doing it from. 

How did you use the Work From Anywhere Policy? 

I used it to work in Portugal, which allowed me to spend Christmas with my family. It was the first time in a while where the whole family was present for Christmas, with 28 of us coming together. I was able to spend time with my grandma, uncles, aunties and cousins who I see every few months.

Gloria: I always use the Work From Abroad Policy to spend important special holidays and celebrations with my family like Christmas or birthdays. I love being surrounded by my parents, cousins, aunties and our dogs. They all live in a small 300-person - a quiet change from London. 

How did this benefit you?

HowNow’s flexible approach to work allows me to see my family multiple times a year, without the need to use annual leave. The time spent away from the busy city of London, and instead absorbing the scenery of a quaint village in Portugal, does wonders for my mental health.

Gloria: If HowNow didn’t have the Work From Anywhere offering, it would mean I’d have to use my holiday allowance to spend this time with my family, which would mean less holiday to use elsewhere.

Generally, I’ll try to work abroad for a week, and then take a week's holiday after to further maximise the time spent with my family. My career is super important to me, but so is seeing my family, so I’m really grateful for HowNow to be able to balance both. 

Gloria with her family.

How does HowNow’s culture support the Working From Anywhere scheme? 

I have a sense of trust from my manager when I’m not working in the office. They trust me to work regardless of where I’m based.

Our work is mainly on ClickUp (our Project Management tool), so there’s visibility on the work I’m delivering. We also have daily standups, which promotes collaboration and provides us with a focus of what we want to achieve within that day and week. 

We have an international work-force, including a team that are based in Mumbai, so we are set-up to be able to work effectively with the team remotely and deliver on work and projects that move us closer towards becoming the most loved learning platform!  

Luis’ remote views - not bad at all. A nice change from the busy streets of London. 

Gloria: While working from abroad I still have my regular meeting cadences with the team, so wherever I’m working from, they get the same output from me.

We also have other tools, such as ClickUp and also use Slack as a way to share important messages and stay well connected.

Whether I’m working from abroad, or in the office in London, I’m still able to effectively work towards hitting my individual and team goals In Q4 2024, I took 9 days of annual leave, as-well as using the WFA scheme, and was able to effectively hit 100% of my targets. 

The ability to learn from your peers can be hindered when you work completely remotely, but our hybrid approach gives us the opportunity to spend time together frequently too. 

When using the WFA scheme, I am proactive that I am spending time learning, given the lack of face-time with my peers.

For me recently, this has looked like using this time to do more virtual learning - e.g spending time with other Partnerships Leaders, sharing interesting information, documents, news, and virtual get-togethers. 

These have really helped broaden my knowledge, and I have applied these in my role. 

Similarly, we run Monthly KnowHow events, which are internal knowledge sharing opportunities. I previously ran an event whilst I was working in Spain, with really positive feedback from my colleagues and senior leaders. 

"Great presentation Gloria Super Talented
" - PM.

"Gloria Powerful presentation, thanks" - Software Engineer.

"Gloria that was glorious! You should be proud of what you delivered. Learned a lot. Thank you" - CEO.

What Our Work From Anywhere Policy Means For Our People

In 2023, Work From Anywhere policies boomed, and so with our commitment to attracting and retaining best-in-class talent, we launched our Work From Anywhere (WFA) scheme.
Team HowNow
Feb 19
5 min read

As a company in the L&D space, you guessed it, we take learning pretty seriously ourselves.

And as January is a great time to reflect, we caught up with our London team to hear some of their key learnings of the year. 

Having grown by 45% last year, HowNow looks a lot different to what it did at the beginning of the year.  

2023 saw some giant wins for us, but there were also things that didn’t go quite as planned. And that’s okay! We’ve learned from our mistakes and have started 2024 strong.  

Keep reading to learn some of our key learnings from this journey, including some of the skills that the team have developed over the last 12 months. 

Which skills did we learn this year? 

James, who joined us earlier this year to lead our brand new Account Management Department, understandably learned in a short span of time. 

With the current economic climate, many companies are cutting budgets and that applies for some of our customers. So, James has been focusing on skills like empathy and negotiation to ensure he can handle those potentially tricky conversations in the best possible way.

And working with customers of different sizes for the first time - from 100 to 20,000 people - meant he’s developed his ability to tailor the approach. 

Gary, the host of HowNow’s L&D Disrupt Podcast, has continued his public speaking journey, committing to two Toastmasters public speaking workshops each month and appearing on external podcasts for interviews on all things L&D, marketing and personal development.

Grace and Sonia continued going the extra mile to deliver brilliant customer experiences, and focused on building relationships as a skill in 2023. They put this into practice by launching our Customer Community and hosting a number of events where our customers had the chance to learn from each other.

James (Senior AM) and Jonny (CSM) at World of Learning 

Learning from courses

The team have also completed courses to further their knowledge, covering topics that include: Coding, CIPD, Change Management, Customer Success Management, Product Design and Information Architecture. 

Our sales team undertook training from an external Sales trainer, who led weekly coaching sessions that helped them hone their craft in outbounding.

Pauline completed a Leadership Development course, and in 2024, we’ve enrolled a number of our leaders into management training. 

Learning outside of work

Our HowNowers have been developing their skills outside of work too. 

Sonia, took-up Thai boxing this year, whilst Ryan’s been training hard for a marathon! 

Matt, James, Emily and Rianna (HowNow cook-off, pending) have all been developing their culinary skills. Inspired byTikTok, James has been cooking up an array of dishes including a Lasagne Soup, while  Rianna started baking with her daughter as a fun activity that was also a way to teach her how to make healthy treats…this has now led to making all sorts of baked goods, including cakes, cookies, quiches and pastries! 

And, did you know that HowNow has its own band? Well, not quite (yet). Both Grace and Gary have been playing instruments since they were little. In 2023, Grace, who plays the Bassoon, also became a committee of her Orchestra and she now helps with a lot of the behind the scenes work too.

Gary, who’s been playing the guitar for around 15 years started the year by creating a playlist of songs that he wanted to learn and ticked them all of - including now confidently being able to bust out “Master of Puppets” by Metallica. 

Grace and her Bassoon! 

Learning from each other at HowNow

One important learning for Remi has been creating a work-life balance - something she’s learned from Nelson, our CEO. HowNow’s 10 AM starts and Wind-Down Fridays have also helped with this, too! 

Matt has also spent time working with Nelson and the rest of the leadership team, and has learned a lot from having this visibility. 

An important learning for Emily, has been to make sure brings her own personality and style to her work, which she’s learned from the wider sales team. 

Sonia has learned from her Manager, Sam, how to question, question, question, in order to get a deep understanding of what the customer REALLY wants to achieve. 

The art of juggling many tasks at once can be a complex one. And with multiple deadlines, it can be a really balancing act to understand where’s best to spend your time. 

One of the key skills that Aaron, our Customer Support Operation Manager learned from others in his team, was to use a prioritisation system. This required mapping out his tasks, colour coding or numbering them, using a High/Medium/Low priority system, and picking the top-priority task based on deadlines, the duration, urgency, and customer impact.  A super simple but really effective method of working. 

Our amazing HowNow Sales Team

What We Learned In 2023 - Skills And Lessons From The London Team

Team HowNow
February 13, 2024
5 min read

For a lot of the HowNow Team, our pets play a big part in our lives. 

So when we chose our office spaces in both Mumbai and London, it was about more than great-tasting coffee and collaborative workspaces. Being able to bring your fur-babies was also on our list of “must-haves”.

We spoke with Pauline Taylor, our Head of People and proud owner of Tortie 🐢 about the importance of having a dog-friendly office, and the benefits it brings to our team 👇

We are based in a shared office that’s dog-friendly. We recognise that pets are part of people’s families and we not only care about our team but we care about what they care about. 

A dog-friendly office is a great benefit to have. It’s proven that the presence of dogs decreases stress, makes people happier, and is a great catalyst for conversation - who doesn’t want to talk about how cute a dog is! So it enhances camaraderie in the team and boosts motivation. 

It also helps those with dogs when faced with the guilt or financial burden of leaving their fur-babies at home. Why not all benefit from a cuddle and group walk together while giving lots of love and attention to the pup 😀

As long as you communicate when the dogs are coming in for those who are allergic or don’t like dogs then there are only positive factors associated with this. 

We use a scheduling tool on Slack that allows us to know the days that others are going to be in. You’ll also often find us sharing videos and pictures of our furry friends on our #random Slack channel too. 

Flexible working or the role employers take in creating a flexible workplace is only going to increase, which is why we’re constantly reviewing our benefits.  It should be acknowledged that this is ‘how people work now’.  

People are motivated to do their best work by different things, at different times and in different environments. There are so many companies, like us, who pride themselves in welcoming difference and acknowledging the benefits this brings to motivation, engagement and productivity in the workplace.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… some pictures of our four-legged friends! 

Pets at HowNow | Meet Our Four-Legged Friends And Dog-Friendly Office

Team HowNow
December 14, 2023
5 min read

At HowNow, we’re on a mission to empower people with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to be successful at what they do. 

And our company values underpin that. They’re the foundation for how we do things at HowNow and will be crucial as we continue to grow.

In the early days, the company values were founder-driven. 

Today, they’ve been shaped by our people. Here’s the story of how we did it and the values we built together.

Shaping our values as a team

In September 2022, HowNow’s Mumbai and London offices came together for our Turkey Team Retreat - a week that gave us time to unwind and build stronger relationships.

Together, we ran a workshop in which we collectively identified the values and behaviours we associate with ourselves and see in each other. 

We kicked off by writing down the traits we admired about our teammates on sticky notes and giving them out, moving into small groups to build out a pitch for our company values.

Everyone got a fair chance to present their ideas and were able to discuss them as a group.

That process created the seven core values below:

From creating processes and giving rewards to decision-making and recruitment, our goal is to build those values into every single thing we do. The idea of creating them together was that we could hold each other accountable to living by them. 

What those values mean to our people

Fast forward to 2023, with lots of new people in the building, we felt it was the right time to speak with the team to hear what the values meant to them and ways that we demonstrate them in our day-to-day work. 

Every new HowNow’er will have demonstrated that they align with our values during the interview process - it’s our way of strengthening our company culture as we scale and ensuring that you’re right for us, and equally, we’re right for you 🫱🏼‍🫲🏿

We also feel that demonstrating these values produces the best outcomes for our customers and will continue us on our journey of making a market-leading learning platform. 

If our values resonate with you, take a look at our open opportunities here.

Our Values: What They Mean And How We Built Them As A Team

Team HowNow
November 27, 2023
5 min read