Podcast | Design Thinking and L&D with Sarah Stevenson

March 15, 2022
June 26, 2023

A phrase we always hear getting thrown around in the L&D space is ‘putting the learner first’, but how many people proactively design a strategy to meet employees’ needs, rather than just the needs of the business? 🤔

In the latest L&D Disrupt drop we’re joined by someone who is super passionate about designing experiences that are intentionally built with the learner in mind! Sarah Stevenson, Vice President of Learning and Employee Experience at Schlesinger Group, shares how Design Thinking has impacted her work for the better – and how you can use the principles to spark some real change!

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Running Order

04:11 ADDIE vs. SAM

07:10 Applying Design Thinking to L&D

15:54 Getting to the MVP

20:26 Using feedback to improve your offering

24:05 Does L&D have a ‘data problem’?

26:43 You get what you measure!

27:50 Design Thinking – where do I start?

29:58 Quick fire round

Key learnings

How do I evaluate whether the MVP is actually moving us in the right direction?

Sarah believes that the questions that you receive after you deliver an L&D initiative are the best barometer for your success. For example, if somebody is willing to ask a question eg “Where do I go to find this?” then they clearly aren’t being provided with sufficient information. The questions that you receive will very quickly point out any gaps in your solution, allowing you to iterate and improve the offering!

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