Juno Journey Review: Features, Pricing, User Insights And More

May 22, 2023
June 26, 2023
Learning And Development

Considering Juno Journey for your company's L&D efforts? You're in the right place!In this review, we discuss what Juno Journey is, some of the key features, what people like based on real reviews, and give you a great alternative 😉

What is Juno Journey?

Juno Journey offers both an LMS and LXP. As you’ll see below, their LMS offering focuses on building a central hub for a company’s L&D efforts and using that to create learning pathways for people.Juno LXP, on the other hand, seems to bring courses and resources from content providers to the table, while also focusing more on the delivery of personalised learning recommendations and skill tracking.

Source: Juno Journey

What do people like and dislike about Juno Journey?

Based on online reviews from platforms like G2 and Capterra, here are some of the things Juno Journey customers like about the platform.

  • The ability to organise knowledge in a central place and make that easy to find/searchable.
  • Personalised suggestions and recommendations based on people’s goals and skills.
  • The variety of courses and resources available on-demand and the ability for self service learning as a result.
  • The ease and ability for building flows and pathways for employees, giving them tailored development content.

When it came to dislikes and frustrations with Juno Journey’s offerings, there were a few common themes.

  • The variety and volume of courses was also flagged as an issue, with the difficulty of finding specific and relevant content a common theme for people search through Juno’s library.
  • Several users flagged an adjustment period or learning curve for understanding how the platform worked.
  • Part of that could be linked to the UX of the platform, with some users flagging that this left something to be desired. Reviews reflected issues with both mobile app and desktop versions.
  • Lastly, reporting was something that cropped up in reviews, with limitations around analytics holding some Juno Journey users back.

A word to the wise… don’t get caught in the more content is always better trap

Access to more content doesn’t make people more likely to find relevant content, apply it in moments of need and influence their performance.The opposite is normally true.It’s something we saw in Juno Journey’s reviews, but with more than 1 million courses at people’s disposal, it’s easy for people to feel like they’re searching for a needle in a haystack. Especially when they’re searching because they’re currently facing a problem that needs solving. At HowNow, we call this is the content-first approach, and it often means people are connected to content when it has no immediate relevance, making learning feel detached from work or like an unwanted interruption.The alternative? A skills-first approach! And you can learn how to build one in our free Death of the LMS guide.

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What’s Juno Journey’s pricing like?

Unfortunately, there isn’t price transparency on Juno Journey’s website - you need to get in touch to find out about their LMS and LXP plans.They do offer Juno Lite, a free version for teams of up to 50 people, but this seems limited and more of a knowledge base option.

Juno Journey vs HowNow

What is HowNow? And how is it different to Juno Journey?

HowNow is the learning experience platform (LXP) that makes meaningful learning a part of everyday work. Allowing you to create, deliver, manage and measure all your learning in one place.The result? Get 5x more engagement than a traditional LMS.Here are some of the key problems we solves and features we offer to deliver that.

Create a single home for learning

HowNow brings togethers all your scattered resources and learning, providing you with one single place for learning where everything is at the end of one search.By integrating that with the places people already work, through Slack and MS Teams integrations, our Browser Extension and integrations with countless other tools, we truly bring learning to the flow of work, everywhere you work.

Create, delegate and share knowledge

Empower your internal experts and leaders to create and verify content for their team. HowNow’s Nuggets reduce the friction typically associated with creating content, allowing you to build relevant resources by tapping into your best minds.

Nugget illustration in HowNow

Scale learning without the admin headaches

If you’re aiming to take your people experience to new highs while keeping your admin effort low, you’re in the right place. HowNow’s automated workflows, custom rules and integrations take care of the tedious tasks through reminders and renewals.

Measure skills, identify gaps and close them to drive impact

If you’re not measuring skills, you’ll never understand the ones your organisation has and the skills gaps L&D needs to close. And that makes it really difficult to demonstrate L&D impact!HowNow helps you build a skills profile for each person. Through a combination of self rankings and peer-review, build a 360 view based on level one to five proficiency. We also analyse live job roles to understand in-demand, current skills needed for different roles.

Report fatigue? Take a break

HowNow’s Dashboard brings all your L&D data and learning insights into one single view, allowing to report with ease and communicate with stakeholders in a language they’ll understand. Use proof of knowledge, skill and performance to demonstrate L&D’s influence.Want to see HowNow in action? Book a demo today!

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