8 ways to drive employee engagement

January 30, 2020
June 26, 2023
Learning And Development

In any organization, driving employee engagement is crucial. The more engaged employees are in their work, the more productive and focused they are.

Employee engagement is a personal commitment a worker makes to their employer and means they are less likely to take sick days and more inclined to be motivated to achieve their goals and put in the work needed to achieve them.

To truly increase employee engagement and reap the rewards, employers need to understand what the top drivers of it are.

1. Recognition for hard work.

When someone gets praise for one piece of work, they get started on the next piece with the satisfaction of knowing they are appreciated and the motivation to do it again. This is a key employee engagement driver which also increases loyalty to the company.

2. Career opportunities and self-improvement.

When you have a concrete goal to work towards, you will naturally work harder.

Imagine you were finding it hard to commit to working out and then suddenly you got signed up to run a marathon next week. Suddenly you would have a renewed purpose and motivation.

It’s just the same in the workplace. Employees who feel they aren’t being given opportunities to progress, learn and grow will feel less engaged. HowNow gives employees the opportunity to take control of their own career progression with engaging training to help them reach their goals.  

3. Listening to opinions.

Making sure people feel listened to and heard within the company is a sure-fire way to drive employee engagement in the workplace. When employees can see that their opinion matters, they understand that the work they are doing matters too.

4. Mutual feeling of trust.

In any strong working relationship between employee and employer, the employee trusts their employer to have their best interests at heart and the employer trusts their employees to work hard and make the right decisions for the company.

When a worker feels they are being trusted in this way, they will step up to the challenge and employee engagement increases.

5. Employee well-being.

Happy workers are hard workers. If employees know that they are being looked after, they don’t have to spend time worrying about other things and they can put all their effort and attention into their work instead.

When employees feel comfortable and safe in their workplace and are happy to come in each day, you will see an increase in their engagement. With HowNow, employers can rest assured workers are happy and engaged, with a wide variety of interactive content formats available for online training courses.

6. Sense of purpose.

When people have the power to make decisions about their work, there’s normally better employee engagement. Ensure employees know their unique talents are valued and everything they do is a contribution towards the main goal of the company.

HowNow’s AI-powered digital learning techniques can be personalised to your company, giving employees a renewed sense of purpose.

7. Brand alignment.

A lot of your company’s brand depends on its mission and principles. If your employees share these values, they will be more engaged because they can take pride in knowing they are working for something they believe in.

8. Clarity of communication.

To be fully engaged, employees need to know what is expected of them personally and how they fit into the vision of the company. Employee engagement increases when employers communicate these expectations clearly.

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